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Neon Lingerie

Brighten your babe's day with these sexy neon lingerie looks that will electrify your boudoir.

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Neon V-Cut Teddy
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About Neon Lingerie

Every one of you sexy babes deserves to have a plethora of sexy lingerie in your boudoir, and what's sexier than one of the most popular trends of the entire year: neon lingerie. We're the lingerie experts here and we know that black and red are the most popular colors for all things lingerie, but we also know that it's hot as hell to step away from the norm and have a sexy color moment.

Neon lingerie is your favorite sexy lingerie styles created in a bright AF neon hue. We are talking neon pink, neon green, neon blue, neon yellow, even neon orange, any color you can think of that's offensively bright. 

Popular trends have been affecting the lingerie industry forever. Neon has been in mainstream clothing trends for a few years now (we're not going to talk about the 80s and 90s, ok?) and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Works for us, because we are living for an aggressive color scheme. So when you are looking for something outside of your everyday/every night lingerie comfort zone, try dabbling in neons. As an added bonus, you will be easily seen with the lights off!

So since you've made the choice to go in this bright and sexy direction, make sure to choose lingerie that you feel comfortable and sexy in. The color is an added bonus, but don't let it sway your overall decision. First things first is feeling amazing, and knowing your body type is a great way to know exactly how to make you look and feel your sexiest.

Everybody has something they love to flaunt – sexy legs, killer cleavage, a luscious behind – which means the perfect lingerie better show it off, while simultaneously flattering your shape. Having a general idea of your body type and size will make the shopping process way easier, so let us quickly educate you on the best neon lingerie styles for each body type.

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