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Pajamas & Sleepwear

Do you remember slumber parties? So does Yandy. Find great women's pajamas at Yandy, where you'll find top styles, colors, materials and brands that you'll love! Sleep soundly with sexy pajamas and other sexy sleepwear found right here.

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About Pajamas & Sleepwear

Remember the rush you would get from picking out your best pajamas for a slumber party or pajama day at school? We do, and we want to relieve that feeling every time we put on our favorite PJ's. If you've made it this far, you know that we carry a huge selection of pajamas and sleepwear, and that's really due to the fact that 2020 had us all living in our comfiest loungewear.

Pajamas actually originated from India and became popular worldwide during the 18th and 19th centuries due to British colonists and their influence on the Western world. You know what pajamas are, but in case you've never learned the actual definition, pajamas are typically soft, warm, and generally loose-fitting clothing that is worn for sleeping. While loungewear is very similar, it's a little more socially acceptable to lounge about on your couch all day wearing them as opposed to pajamas. It makes it look like you actually did get up and get dressed today. Good job!

Yandy's pajamas are obviously way sexier than whatever they were wearing back in the 18th century, but they're still derived off of the basic two piece pajamas, one piece pajamas, or nightgowns.

Much like lingerie, designers spend almost as much time choosing the right material as they do actually designing the sleepwear. It makes total sense, since the current market demands ultra comfortable fabrics that feel good on the body and won't hinder flexibility. Most PJ's today feature a blend of materials that mix to create a unique fabric with seriously comfortable properties, but you can still find old favorites, like a satin nightgown or a flirty crop top and booty shorts combo, on Yandy.com. 

We're not going to give 2020 much attention (she deserves to be ignored), but we have to acknowledge that she really did give loungewear their own moment. Everyone was looking for pieces they could wear while working from home that gave them the comfortability of pajamas without actually feeling like they're being lazy and wearing pajamas all day. If you don't have a cozy satin romper or seriously cute two piece short set to lounge about in by now, then scroll back up and get yourself something right now. At this point, they're an at-home wardrobe staple.

Our selection is so vast that you can really choose the piece based on your personality, like choosing the right color. The right shade can really take your loungewear to a new and sexy level, and besides the overall style, the perfect color choice will really give you that “wow” moment. Even if you're at home by yourself. What? Don't be ashamed to look good for yourself. You deserve it. And no surprise, we really do have basically every color.

If you're unsure how to start, stick with the basics. Black is the classic sexy shade and looks amazing on everybody, or you'll absolutely love red for a passionate and romantic rendezvous in front of the TV. Black and red are two of the most popular color choices, so choose either one for optimal sexiness.

If your vibe leans towards soft and beautiful, a muted tone like white or nude will immediately up the sensuality. And of course, white is the ultimate hue for a sexy bridal look. 

If you've toyed with the basics and want something bolder, colors like blue or purple bring a certain element of fun to a basic teddy or two piece set, or various shades of pink really allow you to flirt with your playful persona.

We're just giving you suggestions here – choose whatever color you prefer to wear! There's no science to it, we just want you to look sexy and feel sexy. 

So now that you're basically the ultimate expert in all things pajamas and lounge, don't hesitate to scroll back up and get yourself one of everything. We don't think sexy loungewear is going anywhere or out of style anytime soon, so keep that boudoir loaded with the sexiest pieces you can get your hands on. Your bed and your couch will thank you.

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