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French Maid Costumes

Clean up your act with a sexy French maid costume! Yandy has plenty of French Maid Halloween costumes perfect for this Halloween. Be a little naughty, with a naughty maid costume.

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Shopping For French Maid Lingerie

Oh la la, ever try roleplay in the bedroom? We're referring to sexual roleplay, which is a fun act that involves at least two people who act out specific roles in order to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Sound like something you'd be into? Be honest, who doesn't love getting a little dirty every once in a while?

If you're an avid Yandy follower, you know that we love any excuse to dress up. So of course if there's any sexy roleplaying going on, we're fully committing to our role. Starting with a super sexy lingerie costume to bring our sultry character to life!

Bedroom costumes are lingerie pieces designed to look like an ultra sexy lingerie version of various characters. They're typically comprised of lingerie and a few accessories. The costumes can be as elaborate as a lingerie piece tailored to the character's uniform with numerous accessories, or it can be as simple as a sexy lingerie piece with one or two added accessories. Whatever your fantasy, there's a lingerie costume for it. And we can see your current fantasy is the ever sexy French maid lingerie.

The french maid lingerie costume has been extremely popular for decades. The lingerie styles are designed as a sexier version of the typical French maid uniform, which was typically a black dress with a white apron and bonnet. The term "French maid" was used in the Victorian era (early 20th century) to describe a lady's maid of French nationality. Besides household chores, these women helped their mistresses with their appearances, like hair, makeup, and clothing. As time went on, French women became the subject of erotic fantasies, eventually leading to French maids appearing as desirable characters.

Typical qualities of the French maid bedroom costume are a black and white lingerie piece (virtually any type of lingerie style you prefer) with an apron and headpiece, but they can include many extras such as garters, chokers, and even feather dusters. Très magnifique, non?

Besides the overall look, the attitude is what really sells the French maid fantasy. The subtle flash from bending over to clean something so low to the ground, the flirty French accent, and the forbidden desire due to the imbalance of power. Uhh, yes please.

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