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Pirate Costumes

Take back the high seas with a pirate costume from Yandy. You won't need a treasure map to find Yandy's trove of sexy pirate costumes! Be bold, be sassy, throw away classy! Pick a sexy female pirate costume for your next Halloween season. Shiver me timbers and choose a costume for men or women today!

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Look no further to piece together your sexy yet fierce Pirate costume! It doesn't matter whether he's short on saltwater because there are plenty of ways here at Yandy to get your hands on some pirate fun.

If you're partial to Blackbeard, you might be wise to take a peek at the charming Ladies' Captain Costume. Or if you favor our costumed namesake — Captain Jack Sparrow — then the Women's Deluxe Pirate Costume is perfect for bringing out that shady side. You can also wear an amazing ensemble comprised of layered skirts, frilly tops, stripes, or paisleys while pairing them with brown boots to stay true to fellow scallywags. 

Loot, plunder, pillage and play!

A pirate is the ultimate swashbuckling character. They explore the world on a quest for treasure and excitement. Emulate these iconic heroes with our selection of pirate costumes that offer different styles, from sexy to theatrical. From pirates in wench wear to outlaws, Yandy has an affordable pirate costume for everyone.

High-quality options that aaarg great

Listen up me Hearties, get your hands on a pirate costume before all the booty is gone! Yandy's costumes are high quality and have something for everyone. You can find a high-quality shirt and skirt with plenty of silver buttons down the front to give you that authentic pirate feel. Throw in a faux leather belt that says "Pirate" for good measure.

Demand an authentic scruffy look

The scruffy-and-sexy pirate look should never be underestimated. Sure, you can be all polished up in one of our other costumes, but if you want to let your inner corsair out a little bit and release some swashbuckling spirit, this is the costume choice for you.

You'll have high-quality fabric with an adjustable waistband so it will fit perfectly every time, no matter how much rum you take on before going onto land. Look out for our long brown or black tunic that zips up the center front and "trousers" that tie at the ankle - ready to go either way! We've included touches like double stitches at each hemline to give life to the fringe from off the high seas.

Something for your Jolly Roger

You can never have too many of these costumes on hand for Halloween, cosplay, or any other occasion where you feel like indulging in some swashbuckling. The men's pirate costume features the classic eyepatch and skull design that is true to all pirates' dress codes while also coming with a headscarf, vest, jacket, pants with attached boot tops, sword belt with a skull buckle, and more. You'll be ready for action-packed battles on some unknown continent.

Perfect for every booty

Pirate costumes are a whimsical way to make a statement at Halloween. They're versatile in that you can go with the traditional Captain Hook look, or you can be something more creative like a Posh Pirate. There is no wrong approach when it comes to your pirate costume choice! Style out your ensemble before preparing for plenty of plundering and pillaging this year with one of these outfits from Yandy!

Embrace your inner swashbuckler with a historical-style pirate costume. Whether you're looking for something to complete your buccaneer ensemble for a night on the town or are ready to make your mark as an aspiring ship's captain, Yandy's wide range of latest fashion trends can't leave any member of the crew feeling left out.

Our dueling outfits are made from durable polyester, ensuring they last through all types of ocean storm encounters. Features include extra-long sleeves and pants, faux cording trim around the neckline and waistband, adjustable drawstring closure at waistband complete with functional front pockets that will help you store all those treasures!

Yo ho ho! Let the adventure begin! 

No pirate captain would be complete without the appropriate costume. Whether you want to hit the deck or set out with a group of like-minded buccaneers for whatever adventure that may befall ye (you), Yandy has what you need!

Yandy's popular pirate costumes will get your lover shouting "Shiver me timbers"

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