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Nothing is sexier than a timeless teddy. Whether you're wearing a lace teddy in the bedroom or a vinyl teddy styled as an outfit, this classic piece is a wardrobe staple. Find your one and done style at Yandy!

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Shopping For Sexy Teddy Lingerie

Who doesn't love a sexy teddy? If you've made it this far, you know that we carry an insane amount of teddies, and that's because teddies are currently one of the most popular lingerie styles out there.

The teddy is a sexy, one-piece garment that typically hugs the body. The one-piece silhouette originally gained popularity during World War II, when women who did military-related duties were wearing pants instead of skirts, but the style reappeared as lingerie in the late 1960s. The revival of the modern teddy began in the 1980s and 1990s, back when spandex and neons were on-trend. Just add leg warmers and your sexy look was complete! Kidding. Sort of.

In this day and age, the majority of teddies are sleeveless and decorated with a combination of lace and satin. But you know us, we carry basically any combination you can think of. There's every fabric imaginationable, from lace, to fishnet, to vinyl & latex, to sheer mesh, and every kind of cut and style. You want a plunging neckline? We have more than you can think up. Sheer cups or a sheer bodice? Our personal favorites. And of course sexy garter straps are a must.

Something you may not know about lingerie designers, they spend almost as much time choosing the right material as they do actually designing the lingerie. It makes total sense, since the current market demands ultra comfortable fabrics that feel good on the body and won't hinder flexibility. Most lingerie today features a blend of materials that mix to create a unique fabric with seriously comfortable properties, but you can still find old favorites, like a silk teddy or a sheer lace teddy, on Yandy.com.

Some of the best teddies are dual purpose and can even be worn under your clothes for a sexy evening surprise, or paired with your favorite jeans for a chic, everyday look. Some of our more "everyday" teddies have intricate, high necklines for an eye-catching and stylish ensemble. If you're daring enough to wear a teddy in public, we suggest one with structured cups or cups that aren't sheer. We want you to look hot, not get arrested. But you do you.

Teddies are a sexy choice for really any body type, but they look amazing on those with an apple shape, a rectangle shape, or an inverted triangle figure.

If you have an apple shape, which is a rounded midsection and upper body wider than your hips, a teddy will slim the midsection while accentuating your chest. It will give your body a more proportionate overall look.

If you have a rectangle shape, which is an athletic figure with no defined curves, a teddy will pull in your waist and give the illusion of a curvier physique. Find a teddy with built-in cups to really lift and accentuate the breasts too!

If you have an inverted triangle shape, which is a figure with broader shoulders and slimmer hips, a high leg teddy with halter straps will help draw the eye down from the shoulders and onto the hips - elongating the body.

The right color can really take your teddy to a new and sexy level, and besides the overall style, the perfect color choice will really give you that "wow" moment. No surprise, we really do have basically every color teddy for every mood and occasion.

If you're unsure how to start, stick with the basics. Black is the classic sexy shade and looks amazing on everybody, or you'll absolutely love red lingerie for a passionate and romantic rendezvous. Black and red are two of the most popular lingerie colors, so choose either one for optimal sexiness.

If your lingerie vibe leans towards soft and beautiful, a muted tone like white or nude will immediately up the sensuality. And of course, white is the ultimate hue for a sexy bridal lingerie look. If you've toyed with the basics and want something bolder, colors like blue or purple bring a certain element of fun to a deeply provocative teddy, or various shades of pink really allow you to flirt with your playful persona. We're just giving you suggestions here – choose whatever color you prefer to wear! There's no science to it, we just want you to look sexy and feel sexy.

So now that you're basically the ultimate expert in all things teddy, don't hesitate to scroll back up and get yourself one of everything. Teddies aren't going anywhere or out of style anytime soon, so keep that boudoir loaded with the sexiest teddies you can get your hands on.

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