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Lingerie Costumes

231 products

Play dress up in the bedroom with Yandy's sexy lingerie costumes! Earn some bonus points as a sexy school girl, stop some hearts as a sexy nurse, or look tres magnifique as a sexy French maid. What's your fantasy?

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Shopping For Bedroom Costumes / Lingerie

Quick question, ever try roleplay in the bedroom? We're referring to sexual roleplay, which is a fun act that involves at least two people who act out specific roles in order to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Sound like something you'd be into?

If you're an avid Yandy follower, you know that we love any excuse to dress up. So of course if there's any sexy roleplaying going on, we're fully committing to our role. Starting with a super sexy lingerie costume to bring our sultry character to life!

Bedroom costumes are lingerie pieces designed to look like an ultra sexy lingerie version of various characters. They're typically comprised of lingerie and a few accessories. The costumes can be as elaborate as a lingerie piece tailored to the character's uniform with numerous accessories, or it can be as simple as a sexy lingerie piece with one or two added accessories. Whatever your fantasy, there's a lingerie costume for it. And since you've scrolled this far, we know you saw just how many variants we carry. So what's your fantasy?

If you're not sure where to start in your roleplaying journey, let us break down a few of our most popular roleplay characters and the sexy looks that they gravitate towards:

School Girl: Maybe it's reminiscent of your school days when you had unlimited stamina and an insane amount of hormones, but school girl lingerie costumes have always been an incredibly popular subcategory for both women and men. It's typically a variation of the traditional school uniform, a white blouse and plaid skirt, and is usually paired with white stockings and school accessories. Pro tip, if you're going full Catholic school in your fantasy, you'll definitely want to break out the paddle.

French Maid: Oh la la! The french maid lingerie costume has been extremely popular for decades. The styles are designed as a way sexier version of the typical French maid uniform, a black dress with a white apron and bonnet, and include many extras such as garters, chokers, and even feather dusters. Tres magnifique, non? In this sexual fantasy, the imbalance of power can be a huge rush. Who doesn't love getting a little dirty every once in a while?

Nurse: The personal attention you receive from a medical professional can easily be transformed into a forbidden fantasy, and that's probably why sexy nurse lingerie costumes are so prevalent in our bedroom costumes category. Most of our nurse costumes are white and red with a matching cross headpiece, or there's the dark and sultry night nurses who wear black and red. Are you feeling heart palpitations? You best get to the bedroom, STAT! It's an emergency.

Cats & Kittens: Me-yow! Dressing up as a sexy animal has been a thing for so long (I'm a mouse, duh!), but the most popular sexy animal is definitely the cat. And cat lingerie costumes are such a provocative nighttime piece. The beauty of the cat bedroom costume is that it can be quite literally anything with the added addition of a cat ear headband. They're traditionally black, but you can really use your imagination and experiment with all kinds of sexy hues.

Police: You have the right to remain sexy, but please don't be silent. Police lingerie costumes are so popular among those who have a desire for power in the bedroom and want to be able to enforce said power with a sexual iron fist. Cop lingerie costumes are based off of the traditional US police uniform, either black or blue with a collared shirt, hat, and duty belt accessories. Many have hats, badges, and the sexier ones have handcuffs. Because we think you're naughty unless proven otherwise.

Princess: No damsels will be in distress tonight, but you know they'll be in ecstasy. Our sexy princess lingerie costumes went viral for being exactly what you think they are: ultra sexy variations of your favorite princesses. Each princess costume is designed off of the individual princess' most recognized look, complete with her favorite accessories. Don't act like you've never wanted to hook up with Cinderella after the ball or see how well Aurora can work her way around a bed.

So now that you're basically the ultimate expert in all things bedroom costumes, think hard about your favorite fantasies, find their lingerie counterparts, and make them come to life. And communicate with your partner to find out their sexual fantasies too, because that just means even more sexy lingerie for the two of you to experiment with.

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