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Ninja Costumes

You're not going to have to look twice to find Yandy's sexy ninja costumes! Select a ninja costume this year and kick butt this Halloween! Ninjas aren't just child's play, choose from a whole dojo of adult ninja costumes, too!

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Quietly seeping through the night to take out any unsuspecting victims, a Ninja is someone difficult to spot and impossible to capture. When villains think they have found safety from their foes by wearing disguises, there is no better instance of justice served than a hearty lunge and a carefully placed katana slash! Be ready for anything as you slide on your black hooded robe and headbands.

Yandy's line-up of ninjas includes jumpsuit ninjas, ninja dresses with crop tops and pleated pants, as well as other styles including both shorts, silhouettes, or full-body looks. 

Slay the night

Whether you're dressing for Halloween, a costume party or simply adding some kinkiness to the bedroom, you wanna be ready to slay the night. What better way to start this ambitious quest than with a quality Ninja costume?

Yandy’s selection of sexy and creative costume ideas spans decades, including ninjas from popular tales that are sure to have your friends guessing who you are all night long.

Show off your roundhouse kick

In a society obsessed with transforming into fictional characters, live out your wildest fantasies with the most current trend in costumes: Ninja Costumes! Enhance your style this year and kick some serious butt with a fight-ready ensemble from Yandy.com! From classic black jumpsuits to deadly ninja dresses, these outfits come complete with cartoon-emblazoned bandanas and specially designed toy weapons for maximum thrill factor.

Yandy offers you the hottest costumes. Cruising through their selection of Ninja outfits, choose whether you want to be fierce or fantastical. Do you have a shady partner? Try out the fight night couple costumes.

Stay out of sight in one of our sexy Ninja or Samurai costumes! You'll look like true "Assasin" material, guaranteeing you will be the most stealthy person at a party. Great for any occasion, the Badass ninja costume features a black romper with a scoop neckline, an open bodice with red criss-cross detailing, attached red leg wraps, an attached hood, and a sheer face mask. Rock these badass clothes at any party!

Our exclusive Yandy Violent Warfare Ninja Costume includes a faux leather face mask. Equip yourself with a Samurai sword for a fierce impression. As a cleavage-clad warrior looking deadly by day, you can also make battle look oh so good at night! That's right, just turn out the lights and relish in our seductive offerings that will drop even the toughest man into their knees begging to be spared an execution date before their lady majesties! 

Be empowered

Haunt their dreams by sporting a sexy Ninja costume that is both empowering and deadly. Strike fear into your opponent with complete ensembles designed for all body types — slim or curvy. With styles ranging from traditional to Playboy bunny-inspired, Yandy has everything you'll need to be a dominating heroine in yet another textbook fight against evil!

Feel like a real ninja with our sexy Ninja costumes! These garments are favorites and perfect for all your adult costume needs. You'll get to go undercover and discover what exactly this "career path" entails (hint: it involves wielding weapons, stealth, and being in control).

A Ninja will take on many missions and challenges. With so much stealth, who knew they were such a flirt? With one of these sexy costumes, you'll be ready for fight night like never before!

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