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Vampire Costumes

Need a sexy vampire costume for this Halloween? Look in Yandy's coffin for vampire Halloween costumes for this year. We haven't forgotten the ladies either! Yandy has a huge selection of vampire costumes for women, perfect for a fangtastic Halloween!

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Whether you're looking for something that will help you stand out from the crowd or something perfect for a private viewing, Yandy's sexy vampire costumes have you covered… or at least, as covered as you want to be.

Our sexy vampire costumes offer something for everyone. You can dress up as a creepy but alluring Victorian lady who's prowling for her next blood meal, or you can channel a bloodthirsty vampire dominatrix in a form-fitting bodysuit that shows off your long legs and plenty of cleavage.

Choosing the right sexy vampire Halloween costume

When choosing a vampire costume, consider where you'll wear it, how long you'll wear it and how exactly you'd like to own your sexy.

Halloween costume parties are tons of fun, and you can ensure you have a great time by dressing for the occasion. Part of this means knowing who will be at the party. If you're going to a mixed-ages get-together, it's most appropriate to wear something that doesn't show off too much skin. However, you can still exude tons of sexiness by covering up with sensual black stockings or a long, flowing cape.

Tight corsets that accentuate your curves will have all the guys and girls begging that you nibble on them. Super awesome. Wearing one for hours? Maybe a little less awesome. Don't feel as if you have to give up comfort to be sexy. We offer plenty of costumes that rank high on both sensuality and wearability. If you'll be wearing your outfit for a while, look for vampire costumes that feature soft, flexible materials like lace and satin so you can walk, bend and move without restrictions.

The last thing to think about when shopping for a Halloween costume is what's going to make you feel good. Is there a certain body part that you love showing off? If you've got stunning legs, shop for a costume with high cut-outs, so everyone catches sight of those gorgeous gams. You can also pick low-cut tops for putting your cleavage on display or skin-tight jumpsuits that highlight every curve. If you've got plans for later in the evening, you can also choose from simple but stunning outfits that slip right off when the time's right.

First time shopping for a sexy Halloween costume? Don't feel as if you have to shop for the most revealing one right out of the gate. Feel free to show off your slutty side if you want — but only if you want. There are lots of sultry looks that will let the imaginations of those around run wild. You can also opt for a costume with layers; only when you're comfortable can you remove the cape and skirt to show off an incredible corset or bodysuit.

Pulling off the sexy vampire look with accessories

The vampire costume is the main attraction, but you can use a variety of accessories to really pull off the look.


Whether you're planning a grand entrance or a striptease, nothing screams "look at me" more than a flowing cape. You can't go wrong with private shows with a lace cape that hides nearly nothing but still creates a dramatic effect.


Your eyes will be on the necks of those around you, but you can have their eyes on yours when you wear a collar, choker, or necklace. Pick something with dangling chains and jewels to have eyes follow the lines of your body, from head to foot.


Let's be honest: A pair of sleek black gloves takes any outfit from sexy to smoking hot. Choose a pair that extends to your elbows so you can take your time slipping them off as you corner your prey.


Dark eyes and ruby-red lips — this is the look that turns heads so you can take a bite from a delicious neck. Want something creepier? Add a few drops of blood using a Halloween makeup palette.


Whether you're wearing something long and alluring or short and playful, a pair of stockings can easily elevate your look. Go with a pair of black pantyhose for a classic look, or show off a bit of skin by choosing fishnets.


If you like the idea of getting lost in your sexy vampire costume, take on a new persona by donning a wig. Long, black hair is the go-to for ladies of the night, but don't dismiss fiery-red hair or a short bob that commands attention.

You've got the vampire costume, and you've got the accessories. All that's left to do now is go out and attract your next meal.

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