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Lingerie Accessories

Do you like to make things interesting in the erm, bedroom? So do we. Check out lingerie accessories at Yandy.com! Find sexy lingerie accesories and other bedroom accessories that'll spice up your sheets and embarrass your nightshade.

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Accessories are the final step to completing an amazing look, and Yandy’s accessories are made to elevate your outfit or costume in way a Yandy babe can. Our sexy accessories go beyond the everyday look and are designed to make a huge statement, both in and out of the bedroom or solo.

- Eye Masks: Yandy’s eye masks come in two variations: visible and not visible. The visible eye masks typically have an intricate, lacy pattern that can be paired with lingerie or costumes, and the not visible eye masks are typically used for sleeping or sexual activities.
- Handcuffs: Yandy’s handcuffs are available as either hardware or fabric styles and are intended for costume or sexual use. They are available in a variety of materials with a number of intended uses.
- Jewelry: Yandy’s jewelry is designed to highlight your body and enhance your sexy outfits. There are a wide variety of styles ranging from necklaces to bodychains, and some costume jewelry styles are designed exclusively to be worn with Halloween costumes.
- Pasties: Yandy’s pasties are designed to be worn on or around the nipple, and are available in a huge variety of shapes and styles. They typically feature a waterproof adhesive that is gentle to remove after being worn.
- Whips: Yandy’s whips come in a large selection ranging from stiff crops to rope-like whips. They are either designed purposefully to match with Halloween costumes or for sexual activities.
- Wigs: Yandy’s wigs come in almost every color and cut imaginable. They are typically made from synthetic materials and pair perfectly with our various Halloween costumes, ravewear costumes, and dancewear pieces.
Shop Yandy's accessories and own your sexy!

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