Which Fantasy Princess are You?

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What is your favorite color?

What's your favorite movie genre?

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?

If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

What is your dream career?

What is your favorite animal?

Get Me Bodied

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Our babes werk the hautest bodysuit trends of the season. OK, of the year!

Here are our top 5 picks to get you bodied and ready for a sexy night out or perfect Sex and the City luncheon with the girls!

Samantha hold on to your skirt!



Our Top 5 looks

After the Festival Ends…

Coming down from your festival high doesn’t have to be so bad. Keep the festival feels going all summer long in our Amalie Velvet Teddy.





Take Me Out Tonight

Turn heads when you step out into the scene. All eyes will be on you in our Skye Seductive Bodysuit.






Shopping Anyone?

Ring, Ring! Pick up the phone, it’s retail therapy calling. Get in, we’re going shopping! You’ll always be ready for a day out with the girls in our Choker Plunge Bodysuit.


Pretty in Pink

Sugar, spice and everything nice? Most of the time anyways. Get your flirt on in our Bianca Bodysuit.

Let’s Stay In!

Naps on Naps on Naps! Netflix and chill  in our Opaque Long Sleeve Bodysuit. 



Celebrity Inspo 🙂



In the Swing of Summer

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In the Swing of Summer!

Our editors have curated their top picks for this season’s HOTTEST costumes. Make your significant other (or maybe not so significant 😉) melt this summer with these steamy looks.

Let’s Play


Take her to church!







She will be on her knees praying for more in this super, sexy, holier than thou couples costume. Perfect for a Sunday night in. 😉

Hotter than Hell







You’ll be hotter than hell this summer in our Red Devil Babe costume. This look is perfect for any naughty night.

Let’s go to Greece







Maybe you want to create your fantasy night in Greece, she wants to be the goddess of the bedroom. With our Greek Deities Couples Costume is the perfect way to play.

Extra Credit







Looking for some extra credit this summer?  You’ll always get an A+ in our Private School Sweetie Costume. So get to work!

Come Aboard







Come aboard and sail away into something sexy with our Deluxe Seaside Sailor Costume.

Going Commando







Drop down and give me twenty! You’ll always be in command in our Commando Cutie costume.

Tell us on our latest Instagram post which one was your favorite!

Movies that Contributed to Our Sexual Awakening

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If you’re anything like us, you grew up watching movies you had no business watching. Whether it was peeking through your moms clenched fingers during a scene she completely forgot about or a midnight screening of a stolen VHS with all of your friends, movies impacted our adolescence more than we know.

Gird your loins because we’re about to break down all of the movies that impacted our sexual awakenings probably way earlier than our parents would have liked… Hi mom and dad!

Cruel Intentions

Source: Giphy

From beginning to end this entire movie as all about S-E-X. Never mind it’s supposed to be a modern version of the classic French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, when you watch this movie for the first time the last thing on your mind is classic literature. Shirtless Ryan Philippe, a couple of naive virgins (one of which is corrupted by another sexually advanced female), Pacey gets it on with a closeted football player. It has it all!


Source: Giphy

Kate: “Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack.”

Leo: “Anything you say hot, naked Kate Winslet. Now lets go bone in an antique car.”

Top Gun

Source: Giphy

You can Maverick my Goose anytime, Iceman.

Blue Lagoon

Source: Giphy

The most inappropriate and provocative movie about two teens stuck on an island that will ever exist. Ever. So many eyes were opened during this 1980’s classic. I mean, Brooke Shields was FOURTEEN when this movie was filmed and if you’ve seen it you’ll know why that is a bonkers factoid. This movie would NEVER have been made now. Thank the heavens (and our hormones) for the ’80s.

Twilight: New Moon

Source: Giphy

Team Jacob! I mean team Edward! Whatever. Hot vampire or hot werewolf, our YA, hormone-riddled minds will take either. Please and thank you.

Wild Things

Source: Giphy

If your momma knew you watched this one she would have rinsed your eyes out with acid. Probably the first exposure into the menage a trois world for most youths and boy howdy did we have questions.

Brokeback Mountain

Source: Giphy

Gay or straight, this one had everyone’s underthings a’buzzing.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Source: Giphy

Guar-an-tee there was a rash of red bikinis being sold out (and slipped off) everywhere.

Dirty Dancing

Source: Giphy

Every teen girls’ dream is to go on a boring-ass vacation with your parents and end up grinding on a hot, 20-something Patrick Swayze who has the most amazing hair and collection of tank tops. Swoon!

Varsity Blues

Source: Tenor

How many of you have tried (or requested) the whip cream bikini trick? 🙋

… no one? Just me? Okay then.

Think we missed something?! Tell us below in the comments! And remember, you can always transport back to your teenage self thanks to the world wide web. Happy streaming!

In the News: Zodiac Lingerie

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Last week, popular magazines and websites had stars in their 🤩 for our new exclusive Zodiac Lingerie collection and, I mean, can you blame them?! Twelve hot lingerie styles all custom made to match specific Zodiac characteristics: doesn’t get much better than that, IMHO.

The infamous Cosmopolitan Magazine kicked off the frenzy with an article asking readers to weigh in on what they thought of the styles. Looks like we read the stars right on this one with readers guessing nearly all the styles correctly. Mic drop.


















Check out the entire article on Cosmopolitan.com!

Once it was out there, other sites couldn’t help but follow suit. Everyone from Hello Giggles, to Bustle, to The Lingerie Journal went gaga for our latest viral sensation. Check ’em out below and click to read more!



















Don’t forget to pick up your Zodiac Lingerie style. After all, it’s already been written in the stars 🌟