Q&A with Model and Influencer @bellabombshel

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There’s no denying it, we 😍 our Yandy Girls. We love hearing your stories, seeing your pictures and doing all we can do to make you feel like the sexiest version of yourself. It gives us the warm and fuzzies all over. We’ll be checking in with some of our biggest fans and hottest influencers here on the blog for our Yandy Girl series so be sure to check back regularly.


For our first post in this series, we reached out to one hot mama jama, Stephanie from @bellabombshel. With nearly 110k followers on Insta, Bella Bombshel flaunts her curves and truly epitomizes what it means to “Own Your Sexy” and we love her for it!  Keep reading for all the deets into what makes Bella one of our fav Yandy Girls:

Yandy: You have a variety of styled fashion posts on your Instagram but of course we love the lingerie pieces the most. How do the Yandy pieces make you feel sexy?

Bella Bombshel: The Yandy pieces make me feel sexy because they accentuate my curves instead of trying to cover them up. They appeal to my inner centerfold and my love of feminine details making me feel like a total Bombshell every time.


Y: What drew you to Yandy’s lingerie collection?

BB: Yandy has always been a brand I gravitated towards because I love the variety! There are romantic pieces, fun costumes, sexy revealing items, vintage style. It’s kind of a smorgasbord of lingerie and I am always on board for that! I have always loved that straight size styles also come in plus because both body types can own it!


Y: What is one thing you would want other women to know about wearing lingerie?

BB: I would want them to know that there is a style for everyone and it can be incredibly empowering. It is not scary and you will be surprised by how a great piece of lingerie can make you feel. For me it transforms my personality instantly into that confident femme fatale! Also, lingerie is for YOU. Some may think it is created solely for a significant other but I wear it for how it makes me feel.


Y: What is your favorite piece of lingerie you’ve worn?

BB: I love the sexy separates (bra & panty) that come with a garter belt paired with thigh high stockings and heels, maybe even a lacy robe. I want all the items, the full look! When I have that head to toe look I feel unstoppable.


Y: How do Yandy pieces cater to your curves?

BB: Yandy’s plus size collection fits me great and I never have to worry about the lingerie digging into my body or feeling uncomfortable. I believe they are created with that unapologetic mentality of “never hide my curves, let’s Flaunt them!” I have always had a larger bust and I am proud of it, I want to showcase my body in the best way and Yandy allows me to do that.


Y: What does “Own Your Sexy” mean to you?

BB: Own your sexy means being happy and proud to be you. You are in control of your body, your confidence and how you’d like to present that to the world. When you are owning your sexy you are doing it for you and being the most true to who you’d like to be. I try to own my sexy a little more each day by pushing past my comfort zones or those places upon me. Being sexy is not a negative trait and women have been silenced too long for it. We can be sexy powerful smart funny talented babes all wrapped into one!

What are your Valentine’s Day #CoupleGoals?

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Y’all, Valentine’s Day is coming in hot and I for one am looking forward to the candy hearts, oodles of flowers and the excuse to drink champagne in the middle of the week – in a relationship or not! In light of this impending holiday of love, we came up with our ultimate #CoupleGoals for your viewing pleasure.

What are your couple goals this year? Share ’em with us in the comments or on Instagram with #loveyandy!

Breakfast in Bed – Brunch foods + no pants + shirtless BAE = 🙌

Healthy Competition – Xbox and Chill? Yes, please!

Spill Your Secrets – “I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed but can you ever just be whelmed?”

Midday Serenade – Also known as a guaranteed panty dropper.

Sense of Humor – So, that Dirty Dancing move didn’t go quite as planned…

Date Night Surprise – Give me all the roses. Please and thank you. 🌹🌹🌹

Shop all of these sexy lingerie pieces, loungewear and dresses at Yandy today!*

*Hot dude not included but you can ogle him more here. You’re welcome.

Galentine’s Day in NYC

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Will you be my Galentine? This past week we had the pleasure of hosting editors, select media and fashion influencers at a Galentine’s Day event held at the fashion capitol of the US – New York City. Guests mingled, perused the hottest in Valentine’s Day lingerie and were treated to manicures, custom robe monogramming, a fashion illustrator, fun passed hors d’oeuvres and a signature cotton candy pink cocktail. Can you say YUM?!

Take a look below at some of the fun that was had and try to control your (guaranteed) FOMO. You may even see a familiar face or two.

2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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This Valentine’s Day, sexy doesn’t own the night.  Whether you’ll be making 😍😍😍 at BAE or choose to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day, we’ve created this easy to follow Valentine’s Day gift guide for every type of girl.

The Heartbreaker – This one is for the girl that doesn’t apologize for her road paved with broken hearts. With no plans to stop anytime soon, make them swoon in this Eyelash Lace Teddy. With all of that strategically placed lace, cutouts and garters this sexy teddy will keep them coming back for more.

The Party Girl – Who doesn’t like the life of the party? We sure do! You’re sure to be the center of attention when your clubbing it this Valentine’s Day in this Luxurious Laced Dress. Who needs a man when you own the nightlife?!

The Budget Babe – Just because you’re pinching those pennies doesn’t mean you can’t be the sex-pot of their dreams this V-day. We have hundreds of hot styles all under $20 so even the most Frugal Fran can knock it out of the park. This Midnight Fervor Teddy is jaw-droppingly sexy and is a steal for only $19.95.

The Bombshell – Nothing says “bombshell” like a girl who knows what she likes. Our collection of accessories, like these furry handcuffs and true love paddle, are the perfect way to show them who’s really in charge this year.

The Low-Key Cutie – Sometimes a quiet night in with pizza and a movie is just what the doctor ordered. Our top pick for actual Netflix and Chill this V-day is our Every Rose Sleep Set. Once you snuggle up with the satin fabric your low-key night may take an unexpected turn…

The Giver – For the girl who loves to give as much as she like to receive we’ve got an entire collection of lingerie dedicated to the best gift of all – you! These beyond sexy silhouettes all feature bows in strategic places, perfect for the guy who has it all. Our number one seller is the Unwrap Me Satin Bow Teddy. A definite Yandy girl (and guy) favorite, year after year.

The Traveler – It’s every girl’s dream to be whisked away on a tropical vacation for Valentine’s Day. While this Tropical Getaway Outfit isn’t a plane ticket (there’s always next year!), it’s an invitation to live and play like you’re on island time. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

The Daring Girl – For the baddest bitch of the bunch, our top pick this year is the Stand Off Teddy. Strength is sexy and there is no denying either of these in this sexy teddy.

The Galentine – For your lady bae and bestie for life, get them a little something that screams girl power! This Cami and Shorts Set is perfect for late night gossip sessions sipping rose’ and cyber-stalking your ex.

The Playmate – She’s always known she would have made it in the mansion. Let her live out the fantasy with this Playbody Bunny Vinyl Teddy Set complete with ears and iconic bunny tail. Centerfold status on point.

The Fit BAE – For the girl that would rather hit trails than make a dinner rez, we’ve got just the thing. Our latest collection of activewear is comfortable, supportive and still fashion-forward. Our top pick is the Motivation Gym Set, which is sure to get the blood pumping in more ways than one!

The Festival Girl – You can take the girl out of Coachella but you or can’t take Coachella out of the girl. Every festival loving girl will go crazy for this Beaded Fringe Top. It will look great with her festival gear and is sexy enough to turn heads indoors too.

How to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

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One of the hottest trends to hit in 2018 is underwear as outerwear. Everyone is rocking this sexy and fashion-forward trend and the lingerie industry is catching on. Just the other day, The Lingerie Addict, the source for all things sexy, did a post about this very thing.

With that in mind, we caught up with our Vice President of Merchandising, Pilar Quintana-Williams, to find out what her tips are for pulling off this signature look.

Who says underwear has to stay ‘under’? Not us. Styling our lingerie as everyday wear is right up our alley. That’s why I love this new trend. As the VP of Merchandising at Yandy, I get to put a lot of thought into the products we bring you. And I am loving how some of our items really shine outside of the traditional lingerie setting.

Some of the best examples we’ve seen so far are on our very own Instagram account. We love seeing tags (@yandy and #loveyandy!) by our followers showcasing this very trend.

For me, this black bralette is perfect for this trend. I would style it with high-waisted black skinnies and a printed kimono for a date night look, or high-waisted printed palazzo pants and a denim jacket for a festival. It’s so versatile

I love the thought of wearing this power play garter bodysuit as a tease for date night. Style it with black skinnies and an edgy blazer. What’s underneath will be your little secret. I’d even pair it with combat boots and high waisted shorts for an outdoor concert.

Socks and pumps are everywhere right now. I like giving the look a twist with these fishnet anklets. I see them with a skater skirt, blouse and jean jacket, but they would be great with almost anything. Wear them to work to add style to your office routine and definitely wear them to happy hour afterwards!

Add this lace bell sleeved bodysuit to your weekly night out rotation. I’d recommend adding a t-shirt bra underneath and black skinnies. The bell sleeves are amazing and what a great way to have this bodysuit do double time – wear it out on the streets and in the sheets.

A lot of these looks are super easy to style. Lots of different looks can pair with black skinnies or pencil skirts. Top them with a blazer, a duster, kimono or a jean jacket. You’ll look sexy and edgy I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

-Pilar Quintana, VP of Merchandising

10 Things Girls Do While Getting Ready

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We girls are a beautiful, complicated and badass collective with some pretty strange rituals before we head out the door. We’ve collected the top 10 things girls do when getting ready and we’re pretty sure you can relate. Check it out!

10. Checking Your Teeth – What… is that…

9. Checking Your Butt in the Mirror – 🍑🍑🍑

8. Scrolling Through Social Media – Anyone special sliding into those DM’s?

7. Testing Out New Dance Moves – Cabbage patch, running man, funky chicken, repeat.

6. Perfume Walk-Through – “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” – Coco Chanel

5. Trying (and failing) to Attach Garters – I mean, what the actual eff.

4. That Mascara Face – Is it even possible to apply mascara and not look like a shocked Muppet?

3. Adjusting Your Boobs – Lift. Squeeze. Tuck.

2. Taking Endless Selfies – Do it for the Snap, ladies.

1. Giving Yourself One Last Look – OOTD is on point.

No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered. Shop all of the lingerie, loungewear, dresses and so much more featured above today!

Cosmopolitan – Lingerie Under $50

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We already know that our lingerie is eye catching, cost effective and sexy but it makes us feel pretty good to see it in print! That’s right, we (more specifically our So Flocked Black Bodysuit) were featured in the one-and-only Cosmopolitan magazine, February edition!  Snag a copy of this month’s issue and flip through to see Yandy featured on page 52! Not that we have it memorized or anything…

Being in the pages of one of our all time favorite magazines is basically a dream come true and we’re beyond excited to not only see our product in print but we’re over the moon to be recognized for something we’re proud of. Creating high quality and affordable underthings that make women everywhere feel bold, sexy and confident.

Where else can you find temptress-level lingerie like this Eyelash Lace Teddy or this Frisky Kitty Bodysuit and so many other alluring pieces for under $50? The answer is nowhere. Nowhere that you’d find the same quality that you can trust, that is.

That item Cosmo featured isn’t our only sleek and sexy bodysuit for under $50 we have hidden up our sleeves – far from it! We have some great deals and looks you’ll want to wear even when it’s just for you. Take a look at this Make It Or Break It Bodysuit – it is so cute and so versatile you won’t want to take it off. And with a price tag under $40 this everyday-wear outfit is a steal to add to your wardrobe.

We have price-perfect bodysuits for every look you’re going for. Whether you’re dressing for an evening of romance or a sultry sleepover, we’ve got you covered. And at prices you’ll love, you can switch it up for everything from holidays to birthdays and everyday surprises, without breaking the bank.

We’re here to help you stay on trend – even with ever changing looks. Bodysuits are all the rage these days, so stock up on our well-priced great looking styles and look runway ready at all times. Check out these five great bodysuits ALL for under $50.

1. Take the Plunge Lace Bodysuit2. Say Yes to the Mesh Bodysuit3. Stunning Lace Harness Teddy4. Edgy Criss-Cross Bodysuit5. Touch of Gold Bodysuit
  1. This Take the Plunge Lace Bodysuit is a tantalizing lacy piece with a plunging v-neck and comfy boyshort bottoms that you’ll want to lounge in for Sunday funday at home.
  2. When you wear this Say Yes to the Mesh bodysuit, you’ll feel cheeky and cute and look even better. The open back and mesh side panels will make you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Add romance to your look with this Stunning Lace Harness Teddy. The lace details are so touchably soft, your man won’t be able to keep his hands off you.
  4. When you’re having a super sassy day, try out this Edgy Criss-Cross Bodysuit. Pair it with leg warmers and your no-filter attitude to round out the look.
  5. Everything you touch turns to gold already, so this Touch of Gold Bodysuit is perfect. This look is ready to dance all night and maybe even into the morning.

While we can’t expect to be gracing the pages of our favorite magazine’s every month, we are pretty excited that our amazing looks and great prices are catching on. Check out even more great deals at Yandy.com all day, every day.

Hot Hue of 2018: Ultra Violet

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Life & Style

Every year we wait with bated breath to hear what color Pantone selects for the upcoming year and we’re not alone! If you haven’t heard the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet (heart eyes!). We love this choice because it’s bold, oozes luxury and is the color version of royalty, fit for a queen.

At Yandy, we have plenty of options for you to choose from if you want to rock this color in or out of the bedroom this year. Check out some of our top picks, including one style picked by non-other than Life & Style (pictured above):

  • 1. What's the Fused Bra
  • 2. Mesh and Lace Grape Teddy
  • 3. Purple Perfection Bra Set
  • 4. Intricate Purple Chemise Set
  • 5. Edgy Fishnet and Lace Chemise Set



1)Why not wear ultra violet on the daily with this What’s the Fused Racerback Bra? The crisscross strappy back adds the perfect pop of color to any tank and va-va-voom push-up gives you just the right amount of edge. It’s perfect for everyday wear but sexy enough to stand out.

2)One hot style that has been a Yandy girl favorite already this year is the Mesh and Lace Grape Teddy. The high neck is on-trend for 2018 and the lace cups and trim add an exciting edge. Hurry! This one is bound to sell out fast.

3)Another hop pick is our Purple Perfection Lace Bra Set. The bright ultra violet cups with black lace overlay, matching garter belt and lace choker say that you’ll be taking the reins tonight – all they have to do is sit back and wait for your command.

4)Ultra violet is made for an Old Hollywood beauty like you. Let your curves take center stage in this Intricate Purple Chemise Set. Channel your inner pinup and own the bedroom like its opening night. The gorgeous detailed appliques will have you ready to strut your stuff like Marilyn Monroe, but let your main squeeze know that this peep show is just for him.

5)Ready to up the ante? Bet on this Edgy Fishnet and Lace Chemise Set. Your BF won’t be able to hide behind his poker face as you flaunt every curve under the sheer scalloped lace detailing of this ensemble. Challenge him to a game of strip poker and be his Lady Luck – let him win, just this once.

There are so many ways to rock this year’s hottest color. Make this your sexiest year yet and try out all of these amazing looks. Check out even more ultra violet shades at Yandy.com.

Let’s Get Physical: Let Your Body do the Talking in New Activewear

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It’s 2018! Whether you’re in the camp of “New Year, New You” or the “New Year, Same-Old Salty, Sassy, Bitchy You” mindset, you’re probably still at least contemplating getting into shape. Why not look the part in our new collection of activewear and athleisure styles? Our new collection includes all of the activewear essentials like sports bras, work out pants and tanks but it also includes must-have athleisure styles like jumpsuits, flowy tops and hooded sweatshirts. Below are some of our favorite picks from the collection:

You’ve been pushing it on leg day to work on that Kardashian-level booty of yours so why not show them off? This Marbled Cardio Gym Set features patterned pants with mesh side cutouts perfect for flaunting those quads. The white burnout tank with an open back is both comfortable and breathable. Pair it with the multi-strapped sports bra and people will be lining up for style tips between squats.

Maybe you’ve been saying nama-stay in bed a few too many times this winter. Get back into the spiritual groove with this Spiritual Gym Set. This basic flowy tank will take you from downward dog to warrior 1 in no time flat. And when you’ve worn yoga pants every day for the last week, take a deep breath in and enjoy the soft luxury of these comfort-fit dolphin shorts. No one will blame you if you want to linger in shavasana a little longer.

The gym is the perfect place to blow off a little steam. If you’re racing on the elliptical or pounding it out during a kickboxing sesh, this Cardio Casual Gym Set shows that you mean business. The leggings will give you a killer roundhouse kick and you’ll look fierce doing it. Pop in some headphones and treat that boxing bag like it’s your ex.

So maybe you haven’t been to the gym in a while… and you have no desire to. That shouldn’t stop you from looking like you just hit it hard for a solid 60 min in this Hoodie Jumpsuit. This must-have piece, with it’s tank sleeves, attached hood and zip up front, will make your booty look like you’ve been hitting the trails not the Doritos and it’s way comfier than jeans. Winning. At. Life.

What’s better than hot AF activewear that you can wear in and out of the gym? With any Yandy active order more than $50 you’ll get a free Yandy gym bag. Now drop and give us 20… sips of wine!

Shop the entire activewear collection now and let us know what you think and let your body do the talking in 2018.


Wanderlust: Top 5 Sexiest Winter Getaways and What to Wear

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When you’re cranking the heat at home it’s always nice to fantasize about a beach, a fruity cocktail and soaking up the sun you’ve spent those chilly nights longing for. Before you book those tickets, check out our hottest winter getaway picks and what to wear to make it the steamiest vacay yet!

Miami – Add some romance to this 24/7 beach party destination with a bikini that you can rock day and night. This classic Rosy Gold Bikini with bright gold flowers is eye-catching and understated. Lace-up detailing gives a sexy untie-me vibe as you’re strolling on the sand.  Your vacay bae won’t have eyes for any other beach-bums but yours.

Nicaragua – When you wear this Modern Beauty One Piece, you’ll make the beaches even hotter. Whether you’re going on an adventure, bar hopping or traveling to one of Nicaragua’s many islands, every guy will fall in love. This swimsuit will highlight your curves and your glowing tan and you won’t want to take it off for just anyone.

Honolulu – What’s more synonymous with a beach getaway than Hawaii? Even so, sometimes the best part of a vacation is the hotel room and despite the spectacular sunsets and gorgeous beaches… you might want to close the curtains and slip into something sexy. This Longline Beige Lace Bra Set is the perfect nightcap to a day surfing the waves or hiking those hills. Aloha indeed!

Rio de Janeiro –  Rio is a top destination for the sexiest of travelers and this Laced High Neck Bikini with lace-up bust is the perfect fit for the beaches of Brazil. Move from the sand to the nightclub in this sexy set – no need to change! Just throw on a high waisted skirt and you’re ready to dance the night away.

Cabo San Lucas – Show Cabo what it’s been missing when you step out in this sexy Burgundy Beauty Skirt Set featuring an off-the-shoulder crop top and flowing floral printed skirt. This is the perfect outfit to slip into for a long walk on the beach or for sipping some tequila at the local cantina.

Any of these beach destinations will be sexy, fun and best of all…warm! Add in a bikini, lingerie or sexy dress and it’s sure to be the getaway you’ve been dreaming of all winter long. Now, stop wishing and start shopping!