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3 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life (without having sex) by Dr. Mindy
Spicing Up Your Sex Life by Dr. Mindy

What is sexier than actually having sex? Extending tantalizing foreplay. Below are a few ideas to extend your foreplay and spice... Read more

New Yandy Swimwear: Neon Terry Cloth Collection

This summer we’re bringing neons back to the beach with our latest swimwear capsule, but not without making it unbelievably... Read more

How to Secretly Figure Out Her Size

Figuring out your lady’s size can be difficult. You can’t just go through her laundry and read the tags. So what are your... Read more

How to Match Hosiery to Lingerie

So you’ve found the perfect Lingerie to gift yourself or your partner and you want to complete the look with a pair of thigh... Read more

New Yandy Swimwear: Smocked Color Collection

Introducing the Smocked Color Swimwear collection, a colorful capsule designed to encompass the sunny vibes of summer in a beyond... Read more

How to Wash Lingerie

Master the art of intimate garment care by discovering expert methods on how to wash Lingerie, ensuring your delicate items remain... Read more

Trending Now: Open Back Lingerie

Bottoms up! Open back Lingerie is currently one of the top Lingerie trends of the year, and right now it’s hotter than ever.... Read more

Why is Lingerie so Expensive?

Many shoppers are puzzled by one question: why is Lingerie so pricey? Let’s explore why Lingerie costs so much and how... Read more

New Yandy Swimwear: Electric Leopard Collection

If you’re ready to unleash a new wave of fierceness at the beach (or pool) this season, then you’re going to love our latest... Read more

What is Crotchless Lingerie?

Crotchless panties offer a narrative infused with sensuality and practicality. The question remains, though—how do these pieces... Read more

What is Bridal Lingerie?

When envisioning the perfect wedding day, every detail matters—especially the garments that remain unseen. Bridal Lingerie is a... Read more

Lingerie for Your Wife: Romantic Gift Ideas & Styles

Choosing the right Lingerie is an art. It's a delicate blend of beauty and passion and shows that you really know your partner.... Read more

His & Hers Gardening Lingerie

If you love gardening with your partner and want to take it to an even more intimate level, we think you’ll love our newest... Read more

Do You Wear A Teddy Under Clothes?

When thinking about women's intimate wear, you might ask, can you wear a teddy under clothes? The teddy is not just sexy Lingerie,... Read more

What's the Difference Between a Teddy and a Bodysuit?

Teddies say romance, and bodysuits work for outerwear as well, or can they do both? Read more to learn about teddies & bodysuits!

Just Dropped! New Yandy Itty Bitty Swim Collection

Looking to show some skin and make a huge splash at the beach and pool? Then you’ll absolutely love our newest drop: the Yandy... Read more

Why is it Called a Bikini?

Let’s look back at fashion history showing how the bikini name came to be. It wasn't just about a new style, it was about making... Read more

What is Considered a Skimpy Bikini?

We know you love to show some skin at the beach, but what takes a bikini from small to skimpy? Is it the revealing cut that leaves... Read more

What is the Purpose of Lingerie?

Lingerie is often associated with activities that take place behind closed doors, but its purpose extends far beyond just that.... Read more

What is Considered Lingerie?

We know you love Lingerie, but what styles of clothing exactly are considered Lingerie? Learn all about it here!

New and Delicious Spring Lingerie

Spring is finally here, which means our version of spring cleaning: tossing our old & well-loved Lingerie with new and trending... Read more

Just Dropped: Year of the Dragon Lingerie Collection

If you’re in the mood to bring good fortune to your bedroom, look to the East and embrace the fiery Year of the Dragon Lingerie... Read more

What is Lingerie?

Lingerie is more than just underwear, it is a form of self-expression, an embrace of sensuality and individual style. Learn more... Read more

What Lingerie is Best for My Shy Girlfriend?

Discover how to choose the best Lingerie for a timid partner with our guide on styles that offer comfort, modesty, and subtle... Read more

How to Get the Mob Wife Aesthetic in the Bedroom

Here's how to bring the opulence and wealth of the TikTok trend “mob wife aesthetic” to the bedroom! All you need is a few key... Read more

Your Favorite Sexy Lingerie for Under $25

If you’re in desperate need of new lingerie but don’t want to break the bank, you’re going to want to check out our sexy... Read more

How to Style White for Spring 2024

Spring is coming! That means getting some new outfits and strutting your stuff. Even if you've got nowhere to go, it doesn't mean... Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Lingerie Guaranteed to Get You Lucky

Do we have a good luck charm for you! Getting lucky in the bedroom isn’t always a sure thing, but amplifying your luck with a... Read more

Sexy Product Highlight: Merrywidows

We’re about to introduce you to a lingerie style you may have never heard of: the merrywidow. It’s a very sensual piece that... Read more

10 Classically Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie Styles

A romantic lingerie piece is an orgasmic way to end your Valentine’s Day! So whether you’re buying lingerie for yourself or... Read more

Unwrap The Perfect V-Day Lingerie

This Valentine's Day, get something that’ll satisfy you both: unwrap me lingerie. The ultimate way to tell your partner that... Read more

Romantic Valentine's Day Lingerie for 2024

‘Tis the season for love! After the year that we just had, we all deserve to start 2021 with a bang - literally and... Read more

Own Your Sexy in Ultra Sheer Lingerie

Consider this your Yandy public service announcement: The cooler weather is no excuse to dial down your sexy. Nothing oozes crazy... Read more

Sexy Product Highlight: Chemises

Real quick, one of our favorite types of lingerie is a romantic piece that will never go out of style: the chemise. Check out our... Read more

Hot AF Loungewear To Keep You Cool

Everything gets hotter during the summer, so your loungewear should too! When going naked isn’t an option, turn to these... Read more

How To Pick The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift

Need the perfect gift for a bridal shower or bachelorette party? We know exactly which gift each individual bride wants - see our... Read more

Trend Alert: Crochet on Display

Here’s a word you probably don’t typically associate with lingerie: crochet. Knit lingerie typically has a seamless design and... Read more

Trend Alert: These Styles Color Outside the Lines

Spring is FINALLY here (thank everything) … and it’s the perfect time to get colorful! Inject a little extra fun into your... Read more

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