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Put your best foot forward with Yandy's sexy shoes! From pumps to booties to sky high heels, let Yandy introduce you to your sole mate.

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Everyone knows the shoes make the outfit, and Yandy’s shoes are designed to make your outfit the sexiest it’s ever been. Yandy’s shoes step away from the typical boots and heels women wear on the regular, and push the limit with how far and how high a heel can be.

- Boots: Yandy’s boots are three inches and higher and typically have a tall platform. Unlike everyday boots, they’re designed to be a statement accessory in their own right. They come in a wide variety of heights, styles, and textures.
- Costume Shoes: Yandy’s costume shoes are typically designed to be paired with any costume you can create or imagine. They can look like everyday boots, but generally they have specific elements for Halloween costumes.
- Thigh High Boots: Yandy’s thigh high boots reach just over-the-knee or higher up on the thigh for an extra sexy look. They have hidden zippers or sexy lace-up closures for an easy-to-wear style and are typically three inches or higher.
- Knee High Boots: Yandy’s knee high boots reach just below the knee for a flirty look. They are available in a wide variety of styles and fabrics and are typically over three inches tall.
- Pumps: Yandy’s pumps are sexier than the typical high heel design, with a minimum of three inch tall heel and sexy silhouettes. They are elevated versions of your everyday pump style and can even have decorative embellishments.
- Slides: Yandy’s slides are open toe high heels with a slip-on design. They typically have clear elements, thick platforms, and can even be embellished with rhinestones or marabou detailing.
Shop Yandy's shoes and own your sexy!

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