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Playboy X Yandy Exclusive Lingerie

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Designed with quality in mind, shop the Playboy X Yandy Exclusive Lingerie Collection only at With an array of flirty and feminine pieces, elevate your lingerie drawer with a touch of bunny branded sophistication.


About Playboy Lingerie

We know you know who Playboy is! Playboy is more than just a sexy men's magazine founded by Hugh Hefner known for their centerfolds or nude and semi-nude models, they're a lifestyle and entertainment brand working towards sensual product creation. As of 2019, Yandy officially joined the Playboy family, and we've been helping them keep their provocative persona alive by collaborating to create an insanely sexy collection of Playboy lingerie and products. 

You've scrolled this far, so we know you just saw the ultra sexy pieces the two of us created. But how do you even begin to choose which style you need in your boudoir? If you're a first-time lingerie buyer, having a little bit of basic info about the entire process goes a long way. But don't stress – we're here to give you a lesson in all things lingerie, from sizing and fit to fabric and color. If you want to feel sexy and empowered, Yandy is here for you.

Lingerie Color Choice

Lingerie is all about making a sexy statement, and besides the overall style, the perfect color choice will really give you that “wow” moment. And we really do have a huge array of colors for every mood and occasion.

If you're unsure how to start, stick with the basics. Black lingerie is a classically sexy shade and looks amazing on everybody. For a passionate and romantic rendezvous, you'll absolutely love red lingerie. Black & red are two of the most popular lingerie colors, so choose either one for optimal sexiness.

If your vibe leans towards soft and beautiful, a muted tone like white or nude will immediately up the sensuality. And of course, white is the ultimate hue for a sexy bridal lingerie look.

If you've toyed with the basics and want something bolder, colors like blue or purple bring a certain element of fun to a deeply provocative ensemble. Or we carry various shades of pink lingerie that really allow you to flirt with your playful persona.

And if you can't decide on a color, go for a pattern! Our Playboy bunny prints are to die for, and you know that leopard print will have you feeling fierce. We're just giving you suggestions here – choose whatever color you prefer to wear! There's no science to it, we just want you to look sexy and feel sexy. 

Lingerie Fabrics & Material

Something you may not know about lingerie designers, they spend almost as much time choosing the right material as they do actually designing the lingerie. And it makes sense, since the current market demands ultra comfortable fabrics that feel good on the body and won't hinder flexibility. Most lingerie today features a blend of materials that mix to create a unique fabric with seriously comfortable properties, but you can still find old favorites, like a silk nightgown or leather bustier, on

Popular options, like babydolls and chemises, are typically designed with a mixture of mesh, elastane, polyester, and nylon, whereas pieces like the teddy are available in lace, satin, mesh and silk. And if you want to accessorize, hosiery is generally nylon or spandex. Fortunately, our digital boudoir offers a wide variety of fabrics so you can make the best choice for your body.

Lingerie for Your Body Type

Everybody has something they love to flaunt – sexy legs, killer cleavage, a luscious behind – which means the perfect lingerie better show it off, while simultaneously flattering your shape. Having a general idea of your body type and size will make the shopping process way easier, so let us quickly educate you on the best lingerie styles for each body type:

Pear Shape: The waist is smaller than the hips and thighs. These lingerie styles will highlight that tiny waist while skimming over the hips.

• Babydolls, Garter Lingerie & Garter Belts, or anything with an empire waist 

Apple Shape: The midsection is larger than the narrow hips. These lingerie styles will create proportionate curves.

• High Waisted Lingerie, Bustiers, Bodysuits, Teddies & Rompers 

Hourglass Shape: The shoulders and hips are equally proportioned. These lingerie styles will accentuate the small waist.

• Bralette Sets & Bra Sets, Garter Lingerie

Rectangle Shape: The bust, waist, & hips have almost the same measurements. These lingerie styles will cinch the waist and create curves.

• Corsets & Bustiers 

Broad Shoulders: The shoulders are wide compared to the waist and hips. These lingerie styles will add volume around the hips to create proportionate curves.

• Flared Chemises, Babydolls, or anything with an empire waist

Larger Bust & Small Bottom: Choose lingerie to draw the eye down from the bust by accentuating the hips.

• Halter Bra/Bralette, Thick Waistband Panties, High-Waisted Panties

Small Bust: Choose lingerie that draws attention to your chest and gives major lift.

• Racerback Bralette Set, Corsets

Short Torso: Choose lingerie that will elongate the torso and draw the eye upward, away from the long legs.

• Low Rise Panties, Chemises, Gowns

Long Torso: Choose lingerie that creates the illusion of ultra long legs.

• Crop Top with Boyshorts, Bodysuits, Chemises, High-Waisted Panties

Outside of the lingerie realm, Playboy is here to ensure that you have the best sexual experience possible. So in addition to their sexy lingerie, they have their own line of Playboy condoms, Playboy lubricant, and even Playboy paddles. They really do want everyone to own their sexy, just like us.

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