Yandy - 2017-08-23

Entertainment Weekly | Sexy Northern Queen Costume

"Now, you too can bend the knee in this costume inspired by the King Queen of the North. For $149.95, the outfit includes a black romper that features gold stud accents and a cut-out bodice panel. And most importantly, a black cloak with “faux fur trim.” (Let’s be honest, we want to buy this just for the cloak.)"

Yandy - 2017-08-23

TheBerry | Sexy Northern Queen Costume

"It definitely won’t keep you warm north of The Wall, but hey — sacrifices need to be made when you’re shopping for a sexy Halloween costume, I guess."

Yandy - 2017-08-23

Mashable | Sexy Northern Queen Costume

"...sexy costume empire Yandy.com just unveiled its Sexy Northern Queen Costume."

Yandy - 2017-08-23

Hello Giggles | Sexy Northern Queen Costume

"It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween looks, so make sure you bookmark this one and have a good long think on it, because we have a feeling it’ll be well worth the splurge."

Yandy - 2017-08-23

Popsugar | Sexy Northern Queen Costume

"The women's costume is actually pretty badass, complete with a black romper with a high neckline, a cutout bodice panel, draping panels with studded accents, and, of course, a long black (faux) fur cloak."

Yandy - 2017-08-23

Bustle | Sexy Northern Queen Costume

"Honestly, it's pretty badass, right? And it must be said, it actually is kind of sexy. I feel like I should make a joke about this costume making me want to renounce my Night's Watch vows, but I'll abstain (sorry)."

Yandy - 2017-08-23

Cosmopolitan | Sexy Northern Queen Costume

"While the costume may not help with the freezing temperatures beyond the wall, it will certainly keep things hawt on Halloween. Trick or treat, y'all."

Yandy - 2017-08-10

InStyle UK | From Muggle to Mrs: How To Do A Harry Potter Hen Do

"If you think your bride-to-be will be game, we reckon it’d make an Insta Story to remember if you made her dress up in this Harry Potter lingerie from Yandy.com. Look, we never said this was going to be a classy affair…"

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