Yandy - 2017-03-30

Yandy Influencer | Darby Elyse

Not many people know Yandy.com is based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. We take a lot of pride in our hometown, which is why we love using local models when possible.  We recently were able to catch up with our fellow desert babe, Darby Elyse, on set of our festival shoot for a quick Q & A! 
Yandy - 2017-03-27

Inside Yandy | Spring Lingerie

With a new season comes new arrivals and spring is easily one of our favorite times to buy new, pretty lingerie. We also know that seeing all of these amazing new pieces can be overwhelming when trying to pick the perfect item for your next romantic rendezvous, so we decided to show you our Top 6 Spring Picks...
Yandy - 2017-03-23

Bliss-fully Aware | Customer Service FAQ - Returns

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One of our go-to customer service agents, Bliss, answers common questions we receive from customers in our bi-weekly 'Bliss-fully Aware' posts.

How do I return?

Today I had a customer, Andrea, call asking to use her store credit for a return she was sending back. The issue: we hadn't received her return. Just like a store we must receive the product(s) in order to issue the return credit. I let her know once the return has been processed, which could take up to 3 business days, we will email her with her code to use on her next purchase.

Returns are fairly easy! Just follow these simple instructions:

1) Obtain your return authorization here:http://www.yandy.com/returnauthorization
2) Package all your returning items in a bag or box.
3) Peel off the US Postal Service label and put in on the return package.
4) Take your package to the US Postal Service drop box or put it in your mail.

Returning items, whether its lingerie, swimwear or costumes, is easy and we are great with letting our customers know their return has been processed! Keep an eye out for our emails! Until next time...

Yandy - 2017-03-17

What's Hot | Spring Swimwear Shoot

Sup, beaches? 

We recently got our talented Yandy team together and hit the pool side with Guess model Rachel Mortenson, Miss AZ USA, Tommy Lynn Calhoun and Ford model Sabine Turner. Grab a fan and check out some of the hottest swimwear to hit this summer below! 
Yandy - 2017-03-16

Yandy Influencer | Kelli Seymour

We caught up with Yandy model and influencer Kelli Seymour for a quick Q&A. Check out the interview to get to know your lil' southern stunna' more!
Yandy - 2017-03-13

Inside Yandy | St. Paddy's Day

It's safe to say that you don't NEED to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick's Day and it's no secret Yandy loves a good theme party. That being said, we want all of our friends to join in on the festivities by giving away this head with any St. Paddy's Day order! 
Yandy - 2017-03-09

Bliss-fully Aware | Customer Service FAQ - Fit

One of our go-to customer service agents, Bliss, answers common questions we receive from customers in our bi-weekly 'Bliss-fully Aware' posts.

Sizing?! Help!

Trying to find the right size to order can be tricky. What is great about Yandy is we provide a sizing guide with each individual item because not every item is measured the same.

Today I received a call from April asking how does the sizing work on the Elegant Bra and Garter set because there is only number sizes. I informed her she must know her bust size which is the measurement of the fullest part of her breast. She was able to put me on hold and measure herself. Once back on the line, she told me she was measuring about 37 inches. Though there is no size 37 I recommended that April order a size 38 because April will be able to adjust the bra and garter.

What is nice about this set, and many of our sets, is there is a hook and eye in the back to adjust according to the size you need.

Use the sizing guide!

We recommend measuring your bust, waist and hips if your unsure of your size. Yandy has made a video to help fin your proper measurements:

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