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Men's Lingerie

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Why can't men look hot, too? Maybe you need a little something for you, or a sexy gift for your special someone. Either way, turn up the heat in the bedroom with these enticing men's sexy underwear and men's lingerie styles that will have your partner swooning over you in no time.

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About Men's Lingerie

Listen, we think every babe deserves to have a plethora of sexy lingerie in their boudoir, including all our hot Yandy men. But heads up – there is a lot to consider before you even begin shopping. Yes, shopping for lingerie is fun, but if you've never done it before…it can be overwhelming. And if you have scrolled this far down you already know how much men's lingerie we carry. We don't mean to intimidate you, but we're also here to help!

As a first-time men's lingerie buyer, having a little bit of basic info about the entire process goes a long way. But don't stress – we're here to give you a lesson in all things lingerie, from sizing and fit to fabric and color. If you want to feel sexy, Yandy is here for you.

Men's Lingerie Color Choice

Lingerie is all about making a sexy statement, and besides the overall style, the perfect color choice will really give you that “wow” moment. And we really do have a huge array of colors for every mood and occasion.

If you are unsure how to start, stick with the basics. Black lingerie is a classically sexy shade and looks amazing on everybody. For a passionate and romantic rendezvous, you'll absolutely love red lingerie. Black & red are two of the most popular lingerie colors, so choose either one for optimal sexiness. If your vibe is not that aggressively sexy, a muted tone like white will immediately up the sensuality. 

If you have toyed with the basics and want something bolder, colors like blue or purple bring a certain element of fun to a deeply provocative ensemble. Or we carry various shades of pink lingerie that really allow you to flirt with your playful persona.

We are just giving you suggestions here – choose whatever color you prefer to wear! There is no science to it, we just want you guys to look sexy and feel sexy. 

Men's Lingerie Fabrics & Material

If you are not sure how the lingerie will feel, we get it. It is not your everyday piece of clothing so you may have some reservations. But something you may not know about lingerie designers, they spend almost as much time choosing the right material as they do actually designing the lingerie. And it makes sense, since the current market demands ultra comfortable fabrics that feel good on the body and won't hinder flexibility. Most lingerie today features a blend of materials that mix to create a unique fabric with seriously comfortable properties, but you can still find old favorites, like a lace thong or sheer briefs, on Fortunately, our digital boudoir offers a wide variety of fabrics so you can make the best choice for your body.

Types of Men's Lingerie

Unlike women's lingerie, most men's lingerie are sexier variants of traditional underwear or have the briefs as a focal point. Let's break down the popular options for you:

Briefs: A type of form-fitting underwear that runs shorter and snugger than boxers. They typically have a thicker elastic waistband and can be of a variety of materials ranging from opaque to completely sheer.

Thongs: A type of underwear with a wide front coverage, slim waistband, and a thin back strap. They can be of a variety of materials ranging from opaque to completely sheer.

Boxers: A type of loose-fitting underwear that runs longer than briefs and typically have a thick elastic waistband.. For lingerie purposes, they're usually much more form-fitting and can be of a variety of materials ranging from opaque to completely sheer.

Crotchless: Men's undergarments with an open front or back panel that won't hinder the users movement.

Lingerie Costumes: Men's lingerie styles tailored to individual characters, and typically include accessories.

Now that you are an expert in all things men's lingerie, scroll back up and find yourself the sexiest lingerie that makes you feel and look your best. Lingerie for men is just as sexy as lingerie for women, and we encourage all you hot guys to get your lingerie on and make this an everyday trend that we can get behind!

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