Yandy - 2017-07-17

What's Hot | Lifeguard Inspired Swimwear

This summer is all about looking like you save lives while simultaneously breaking hearts. With a strong nod to iconic babes such as C.J Parker and Wendy Peffercorn, you can't go wrong this season with a classic red one piece. 
Yandy - 2017-07-13

Yandy Influencer | Taylor Howard

If you don't recognize Taylor Howard's face, you will soon enough. We've had the pleasure of working with this babe on many-a-photoshoots AND New York Fashion Week! We had the pleasure of catching up with her the other day for a quick Q&A. Learn more about this future supermodel below!
Yandy - 2017-07-07

Bliss-fully Aware | Customer Service FAQ - How do your promo codes work?

I received a phone call today from a customer, Michelle. Michelle was having an issue applying a promotion code to her order. I asked her what the promo code was and how she received it. She stated she signed up for our newsletter to receive 10% off and she received an email from us that our swimwear is 20% off. She clicked on the link from our newsletter and shopped from there. She then tried to put in the 20% off swimwear promo code but she noticed she can either use one or the other and not both. I informed Michelle that only one promotion code can be applied per order. She stated she is only buying swimwear and will use the swimwear promotion code, she thanked me and stated she looks forward to more of our promotions in the future. 

We do get customers that try to apply multiple promotion codes, however, we only allow for one promotion per order. Also, something to keep in mind is promotions do not apply to already discounted products such as clearance and bundle items. Discounts also need to be applied at the time of purchase and before the expiration date. Some customers contact us because they are having issues applying a prom code that they received from a third party website. Unfortunately, this can happen and Yandy does not accept these third party codes. 

If you ever have any issues with promo codes don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team via email at service@yandy.com, by phone at 800.883.0860 or through our live chat system. Until next time... happy shopping! 

Yandy - 2017-07-05

Yandy Influencer | Taylor G

We sat down for a quick interview up with one of our newest members to the Yandy family, Taylor G! Read below to learn more about our Peachy Kween! 
Yandy - 2017-06-29

In the News | 25 Adorable Americana-Inspired Styles to Wear in Celebration of July 4th

In honor of America's upcoming birthday, People Style put together a list the most adorable Americana-Inspired styles to wear this 4th of July and included a great swimsuit from Yandy! Whether you're hitting up a BBQ, splashing around in the pool or snuggling up to watch the fireworks, Yandy has you covered from swimwear to accessories to clothing and everything in between. 
Yandy - 2017-06-23

Bliss-fully | Aware What Type of Payment Methods Do We Accept?

Image result for credit card image

Today I received an email from a new customer, Dean. He asked if he can send us a money order to make a purchase and if not, what type of payment methods do we accept. I informed Dean that Yandy does not accept personal checks and money orders. We do accept most credit/debit cards such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. We also accept some prepaid gift cards as long as they have a registered billing address. American Express prepaid gift cards tend to work best on our website. C

Customers can also use PayPal and AmazonPay to pay for an order. Yandy also has gift cards available for purchase that are exclusive to our website. 

Dean then replied and stated he placed an order using a prepaid American Express gift card with no issues, he also ordered a Yandy e-gift card to email to a friend.

As always, if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team by phone at 800.883.0860, by email at service@yandy.com or through our Live Chat system on the website. Until next time... happy shopping!
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