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Yandy launches video for “Who You Gonna Be? (The Halloween Song)!

Yandy is proud to launch a new video for “Who You Gonna Be? (The Halloween Song)! Created by Steve Gossett and Smart Silliness and featuring Sienna Spalding (Cop, Fighter, Witch), Yasmine Al-Bustami (Jasmine, Pirate, Pizza), Briana White (Ninja, Nurse, Lion) and Nadia Kamil (Double Dress, Donna T. Rumpshaker, Little Red), this video and amazing song is just in time to get you in the Halloween spirit!

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Top 10 Hot Halloween Costumes for 2015

Celebrate in style with Yandy

Pumpkin picking. Pumpkin carving. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Pumpkin... Everything! Fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing here at Yandy: HALLOWEEN! It is, undoubtedly, our favorite time of year around these parts and to gear up for the season we've picked our top 10 hot Halloween costumes for 2015. We've already called dibs on our picks and with more than 4,000 ghouls and goblins to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect costume for you! Feeling lost? We've got you covered.

1. Cecil the Lion Costume What better way to honor the beloved Cecil the lion than by dressing up as a sexy version of him? Bonus Points: 20% of the proceeds from this fierce costume go towards a global conservation organization to support global conservation initiatives. It's the costume that keeps on giving.
2. Donna T. Rumpshaker Costume - Be the Republican parties most infamous candidate in this exclusive costume. Bonus Points: Whether you're the most loved or most despised person at the party, either way, all eyes will be on you!
3. Fox Halloween Costume - The vibrant orange faux fur, the chic romper style silhouette and the easy breezy sexiness this costume exudes all make it one of our signature Yandy looks. Bonus Points: It's made right here in the U.S. of A. so you know you're getting a quality piece.
4. Deadly Ninja Costume - They'll never see you coming in this stealth ninja costume. Bonus Points: It comes with a mask so you can gossip the night away without anyone being the wiser.
5. Sexy Tux & Ears Costume - Who can resist everyone's favorite cartoon mouse? We certainly can't! The sleek romper, oversized mouse ears and long sleeve shrug make up this one-of-a-kind look. Bonus Points: Reminding everyone of the Happiest Place on Earth will surely make you the life of the party.
6. Fever Skeleton Tutu Dress - Skeletons and Halloween go hand in hand. This flirty version takes it the next level with it's simple tube-style silhouette and tutu skirt. Bonus Points: No guessing games here! Everyone will know exactly what you are this go-around.
7. Harbor Hottie Costume - Ahoy sailor, indeed! The stylish high waisted shorts with matching striped crop top make this one of our personal favorites. Bonus Points: This costume is so cute you're sure to find someone to "set sail" with by the time the night is over.
8. SWAT Hottie Costume - Special Weapons andTempting, more like it! This fun and flirty Yandy staple has been a customer favorite for years and is sure to hold steady for years to come. Bonus Points: For the insanely reasonable price of $49.95 you get the romper, hat, gloves, belt and leg garters. Fashionable and affordable? Where do we sign?!
9. Sexy Pizza Costume - Everyone from Ellen to John Stewart on the "Daily Show" has wanted a 'pizza this one. Bonus Points: Nobody will knock you for grabbing a slice or two before the party. You can just call it "research".
10. Officer Sexy Costume - A Halloween party staple, the sexy cop is a must-have and this little number is anything but boring. This one has it all; the zip up, long sleeve crop top, booty shorts, belt, handcuffs, baton, badge and glasses. Pair with your favorite aviators and you're GTG. Bonus Points: A sexy cop never goes out of style so this look can be worn year after year.
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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tailor your anniversary seduction to your style.

Whether it’s your first, tenth, or twentieth trip around the sun since you and your significant other had your happily ever after, wedding anniversaries are always a cause for celebration.  It’s the perfect day to reminisce on the sweet memories of how you met, your first kiss, the first “I love you,” but it’s also a chance to try new adventures and make new memories. Enter lingerie.

Unless you’re Dita Von Teese, chances are you aren’t running around nine to five in a corset and garter belt set. That’s what makes lingerie special, but also kind of intimidating.  It’s okay, that’s what we’re here for!

We believe wedding anniversary lingerie should play into your fantasy, while still keeping true to your personal style.  Everyone has their own idea of “sexy” which is why we picked several of our favorite pieces based on different personality styles:

Sugar Sugar

(Left to right: 1. Champagne Rhinestone Corset, 2. Candy G-String, 3. Wanna Be Naked Cupcake Shave Cream, 4. Neon Pink Floral Lace Bustier)

This one is for the “girly girls.” After the champagne and cupcakes, continue to treat his sweet tooth with bustiers in hues that could rival Marie Antoinette’s macaroons. Turn the visuals into something a little more palatable with our edible nipple tassels. Yum!

Tomboy Babe

Tomboys, you’re up! Skip the confusing straps and clasps by sporting one of our flirty babydolls, a perfect choice for when you want to be sexy and comfortable.  Continue the relaxed romance by picking up our massage seductions kit, offering twenty-four easy tips and techniques to seduce the night. 

Burlesque Bobmshell

Calling all our vintage vixens! Dancing under the stars is a classic, cinematic moment all ladies have daydreamed about, but why not sexy it up tonight with a seductive dance, and we don’t mean twerking. Take cues from burlesque icon, Gypsy Lee Rose. Grab your garters and gloves and give him a night to remember for the next several decades.

Femme Fatale 

Where the fearless females at? You may have let your hubs pick the restaurant, but once you get back home show him who’s boss with handcuffs and bondage tape! We doubt there will be much of a struggle when he sees you strapped in one of our bra and panty sets or bustiers. Meooow!

For more wedding anniversary gift ideas, click here!

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Style Guide: Burning Man

August 30th- September 9th

(Photos courtesy of Scott London and Red Hot London)

Sand filled winds blow over the tauntingly calm demeanor of Nevada’s empty desert floor. An eerie calm before the storm known as Burning Man, an eclectic, all-inclusive celebration of radical extremes, converges. The festival is nothing short of a cultural movement. While bringing together a diverse arrangement of art, music and creativity, a unique culture of liberation has emerged-and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Burning Man is the complete dissolve of cultural norms. While festival’s principles based on being your radical self without the repercussion of judgment, liberation from oppressive cultural norms and the so-called “man” manifests. 

As the annual event of igniting of “the man” commences on  August 30th 2015, the reality of everyday life will dissolve into smoke. Post-apocalyptic ravers and gypsy warriors will emerge from the dusty haze hell-bent on becoming their radical self. So layer on the fringe and hold on to your pasties, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Nevada’s deserts are notorious for their extreme climates and Black Rock City is no different. During the scorching days, less is best. Amp up your pasties and cropped tops with fun prints and textures like fringe, feathers and rhinestones. During the frigid nights you’ll want to keep warm, but the real key is lights! Not only is this a fun way to play with the twilight, but it’s also expected…unless you want to be known as a “dark wad.”

Two words: booty shorts. These little guys are going to be your anchor no matter what look you’re going for. Throw them on over fishnets, under a tutu, or paired with some light-up chaps (cause you know, the whole lights thing). We suggest bringing several pairs in different colors and cuts.

(1. Galaxy Bear Leg Warmers, 2. Fringed Moccasin Boots with Pom Pom Tassles, 3. Black and Gold Pirate Boots, 4. Steampunk Boots with Brass Details, 5. Steampunk Belted and Studded Knee High Boot)

Burner’s love boots. Fringe, fur, steam punk and pirate inspired embellishments are popular picks amongst the crowd. Unless you’re skilled in heels, we suggest sticking to flats or heels with a chunky sole.

(1. Pegasus Costume Gloves,  2. Silver Glitteratti Eye Kit, 3. Galaxy Lip, 4. Winged Goggles, 5. Steampunk Lady Hat, 6. Native American Headdress, 7. Multi-Colored Sequin Head Piece)

No outfit is complete at Burning Man without several statement accessories. Over the top headdresses, crowns and animal ears make for perfect memorable pieces. The real MVP though is goggles! Dust storms will happen and you won’t want to miss seeing all the eccentric installations because you’re eyes are being stabbed by sand.

Last, but not least, we recommend checking out Burning Man's official First Timer's Guide on surviving a week in the desert.

Embrace your radical self year round at Yandy.com

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5 Ways to Accessorize Your Skater Dress for Any Occasion

Melting under the smoldering sun not what you imagined for your "ultra hot" summer? Don’t let the heat stifle your style! Skater dresses have arrived just in time to revive your summer wardrobe. 

The  skater dress' classic silhouette easily makes it 2015’s most wearable dress. The trademark cut features a slim fitted waistline with a mid-thigh skirt that skims over the hips and thighs. With the desirable effects of skater dresses it’s clear to see why they’ve came back into style several times over the past two decades. Kate Middleton’s gravitation towards this classic dress has helped it make a strong comeback, causing some of her most iconic looks to sell out within minutes. Not only are they figure flattering, they can be accessorized for any occasion.  

Here are 5 ways to accessorize your skater dress for any occasion:

Summer BBQ 

The breathability of these dresses make them a practical choice for any summer event. This Sexy in Stripes Mini Dress makes a bold statement with black and white stripes that create the perfect canvas for bright accessories. 

Summer Wedding 

The delicate, girly look of this White Floral Fit-n-Flare Dress is perfect for a summer wedding. A cute necklace and sparkly heels take this dress from a summer's day to a night of carefree fun. You’ll be on trend and look better then ever as you catch the bouquet.

Exotic Escape 

Set the mood for an exotic escape in our Tribal Print Aztec Dress. We suggest pairing with gladiator sandals for an afternoon in town or high heels for a glamorous night. Added bonus: the dress is super travel friendly.  

Girl’s Night Out 

Get your blood pumping with this spicy mesh and patterned combo. The modern mix of fun prints and a sexy mesh back is perfect for a night out with the girls.

Transition into Fall

There is nothing better than clothing that can roll with the seasons. This little LBD is the ideal choice when the leaves start to change. Just layer a chunky scarf, leggings and your favorite boots to keep the fun going.


For more dresses shop here!

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Embrace The Sleek Splendor of Bodysuit Perfection

How to reinvent your look and wardrobe with bodysuits.

Closet doors open and the grudge of “I have nothing to wear!” morning routine begins. Bursting at the seams or neatly organized, we all know the feeling of your once inspiring wardrobe falling into flat misery. While you were busy pondering over another maxi skirt or plunging into a risky jumpsuit, the fashion world has unanimously embraced the bodysuit

The initial reaction to bodysuits may bring back unpleasant flashbacks to Baywatch, but trust us, bodysuits will take your look to the next level. This under the radar trend has slowly gained traction as a wardrobe staple. With an undeniably sleek look, it’s clear to see why bodysuits have become the unofficial clothing must-have in Hollywood. Some of Hollywood’s most famous women, from Kim Kardashian to fashion icon Rihanna, have recently utilized bodysuits to show off their curves

Here are some inspiring ways to bust-up your usual #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and why you must embrace the sleek splendor of bodysuit perfection. 

Flattering Sleek Lines

Finally a trend that does EVERY body good. Not only are bodysuits extremely versatile, but they also have a slimming effect every women can benefit from. With figure flattering geometric patterns you’ll have a “Feeling Myself” Beyonce moment. 

Endless Versatility 

Bodysuits come in an array of different prints and styles that offer endless versatility. A soft colored cotton bodysuit can effortlessly morph a pair if faded jeans to an office look by simply layering a blazer. This layering essential will prove it’s worth with every wardrobe reinvention. 

Consider This a Coming Out Party for Your Body

Time to kick all of those over-sized tees to the curb. It was nice while it lasted, but they’ve over stayed their welcome. Bodysuits invite you to stop hiding behind baggy clothing and celebrate a sudden exercise in elegance. 

Uninhibited Movement

Nothing is more annoying than the sit, readjust, stand, readjust madness. Bodysuits stay perfectly in place all day. You’ll look fresh and put together from running daily errands to picking kids up from school and never worry about showing too much. 

Pull Off the Impossible 

Thanks to mega celeb's sexy side boob posts on Instagram, bodysuits are a must. They allow you to take fashion risks without the stress of a strategically placed strap falling out of place. Many of our bodysuits have daring cutouts that can only be pulled off in a bodysuit. 

 To shop all of Yandy's bodysuits and look better than, click here!

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New Sexy Sports Bras

Work it out in style with these new, fashion forward sports bras from Yandy.com!

Fit fashion is in! Gone are the days of those boring black cotton sports bras and in are the fashion forward, gym-to-street looks everyone is vying for. Whether your hitting it hard at the gym, stretching it out in yoga or "running" errands around town, looking cute while doing so is essential. With the addition of nearly 100 new colors and styles of fashionable sports bras, Yandy will definitely make sure your fit fashion game is on point. 


In addition to dozens of vibrant colors and patterns to choose from, Yandy also offers a variety of styles including underwire, seamless, racer back and push up. By adding a little extra support or lift in your sports bra, a girl can not only work out comfortably but confidently.


To view Yandy's entire selection of fun and fashionable sports bras, click here
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Sexy Beachwear For Women

Yandy.com's Brand New Sexy Beachwear

Are you bikini ready? It's time to shed those winter coats, shave those legs, get that badly needed spray tan... and start shopping! Fortunately, as your one-stop shop for sexy beachwear, Yandy has you covered. With nearly 600 unique styles to choose from, including monokinis, thong bikinis, basic two-pieces and cover-ups galore, every shopper will find their signature beachwear look at Yandy this summer. 

Basic Black - You can never go wrong with a flattering, basic black bathing suit. These suits, however, are anything but basic! 
Color Me Sexy - Stand out at your next pool party or beach getaway with these vibrant, colorful suits! 
Flirty in Florals - Nothing says feminine like florals and nothing says sexy like bikinis! Combine the two this summer with these floral print suits. 
Covered Up - Cover up this summer in style in these sexy bikini cover-ups! 

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$4 Bras and Other Cyber Monday Deals at Yandy.com

For 24 hours only, starting at 12:01 a.m., Monday, December 1, Yandy.com is offering Cyber Monday deals that can not be beat including $4 doorbuster bras and more than 1,000 items up to 80% off.
Yandy is known for offering the largest selection of sexy lingerie and costumes available on the web at the most affordable prices but for Cyber Monday, the site is drastically reducing prices even further. Yandy's Cyber Monday deals include the following:
  • $4 bras
  • $11.95 sexy Santa lingerie sets
  • $7.95 lingerie costumes
  • More than 1,000 items reduced to up to 80% off of the original retail price
In addition to these promotions, all Yandy shoppers will receive a free panty with every order and every order placed for more than $70 is eligible for free, flat rate shipping.
To shop these deals, visit yandy.com/cyber-monday-sale starting at 12:01 a.m. on Cyber Monday, December 1. These offers are available for a limited time only, supplies are limited and are not valid with additional promotional codes.
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Get Your Heart On - Valentine

Still looking for that perfect gift for your sweetie? Cupid need not look further than Yandy.com's immense array of sexy lingerie, perfect for spicing up any Valentine's Day... or night! With more than 1,700 Valentine's Day items in stock and ready to ship your Valentine is sure to whisper, "Be Mine" when shopping at Yandy this year. In addition, Yandy is still offering FREE Valentine's Day delivery for orders over $70. So what are you waiting for?! Shop now!  
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