Yandy - 2014-01-21

Yandy Girl!

Do you want to be a Yandy Girl?!  I mean, who doesn't?  With the new Yandy Girl bumper sticker, everyone can show their support for their favorite lingerie and costume shop.
Yandy provides these fun and sassy bumper stickers with every order.  For customers who put the Yandy Girl bumper sticker on their cars, take a picture and post it to Facebook, Yandy will send them a $10 gift card, good toward the purchase of more sexy Yandy goodies!
Be part of the Yandy Girl nation and shop today!
Yandy - 2014-01-28

Deck Out for The Big Game

No matter what team you are supporting for the Big Game on Sunday make sure you show your team spirit in style with a little help from Yandy.com!  With hundreds of amazing accessories, including everything from lip kits to eyelashes to wigs, Yandy has you covered.  Need some ideas?!  No problem!  We're here to help:
Find items that show your team spirit!
Shop all of Yandy.com's seemingly endless array of accessories here: www.yandy.com/costume-accessories.php
Yandy - 2013-12-30

Liz Katz Copsplay Pictures

"Green Adventurer Costume"
Recently, Yandy.com reached out to sexy cosplayer, Liz Katz, to partner up on some fun photo shoots.  The ever-impressive Liz Katz came up with some eye-popping cosplay style photos (and even a couple of videos!) all featuring Yandy.com exclusive cosplay inspired costumes.  Check them out and let us know what you think!  Liz used the Yandy exclusive Green Adventurer costume, Sexy Sci Fi Furry costume, Exclusive Sexy Rabbit costume and the Exclusive Miss Jessica Gown costume. Shop all of Yandy.com's cosplay costumes now - www.yandy.com/Cosplay-Costumes.php
Yandy - 2012-05-09

Once Upon a Halloween

So I’m assuming some of you have watched, noticed or even realized the popularity of Once Upon a Time on ABC. I am obsessed with this show and I love figuring out who the Disney counterparts are. I was trolling and I found this little set of images, which I found to be a pretty cool idea. The only downer is that they didn’t do all of the characters so far.
So I got to thinking about a past conversation I was having, and with the popularity of this show and fairytales in general, why not start thinking about your Halloween costume early? My brother got his costume in December, so that proves it’s never too early to think about your Halloween costume.
Yandy has every fairytale costume imaginable. So you can do what I’ve always wanted to do; grab a big group and do your costumes that way!
Yandy - 2012-03-20

New, Sexy Swimwear by True Crush

Get wild this summer with our new sexy bikinis by True Crush. True Crush features a variety of patterns and styles to match what you're looking for. For each bikini pattern there are a variety of different styles of tops and bottoms that you can mix and match to flatter your figure. You want to be the center of attention at the next beach party? These bikinis are perfect for you! Prices range from $14.96 to $37.90 per bikini. Click here to start shopping at Yandy!
Yandy - 2012-03-28

Spring Lingerie

Yandy.com spring lingerie
Spring is here, full of colors, sunshine, and lingerie! Yandy features thousands of lingerie items for all body types. Our spring collection features different styles and colors to fit your spring needs!
A featured clearance item is this Open Cup Babydoll and crotchless thong set. A perfect way to start out your spring!

Easter's coming up, need a bunny costume? We got them! The House Bunny Honey Costume by Magic Silk is the perfect outfit to complete your easter holiday!

One of our newest items is this sexy Purple Paisley Corset made by Music Legs. This corset has a sweetheart cut neckline, a lace up back and plenty of bows for that spring look! The stockings in this photo are not included in with the corset, but are only $1.95 on our site!
Our plus size lingerie collection also has some spring features, like our new Plus size Pleasure Chemise and thong set. It also had attached garters to clip onto your sexy stockings of choice!
Another featured item is our Plus Size Off Shoulder Peasant Babydoll made by Dreamgirl. This piece can be worn on or off the shoulder, it comes in 4 different colors, Pink (shown here), Black, Red, and White. The pink one is perfect for spring time, but you can get it in the color you like best. A matching thong is included with the Babydoll.
Yandy - 2012-04-09

Neon Wigs

A Wig is a Wig is a Wig!

Remember that video of ‘SuperBass’ covered by that adorable little girl in her pink tutu? It didn’t just go viral because Sophia Grace was super talented or on Ellen, but because she upped her squeezablity factor when she flipped out when Nicki Manaj joined her on stage.
I personally think Nicki Manaj is the coolest collision of razorblades and cotton candy, and with the rise of neon and cupcakes in fashion, who wouldn’t? I adore her ability to change her hair at the drop of a hat, but unfortunately, I don’t have the money, nor does my hair have the structural integrity to withstand bleaching and dying every time my mood changes. So I settle for a more affordable and less damaging option, WIGS!
Yandy carries over 100 wigs for both men and women to suit whatever mood one is in. Oh and if long locks of blue that glow like something out of a Sci-Fi movie aren't your thing, we carry a large selection of subtle tones that won’t break the bank either.
Our wig collection has recently grown with a boat load of wigs, all under $20, well with the exception of one Marie Antoinette. Our most popular wigs are on sale so you can look like Lady Gaga or Nicki Manaj and still have money to spend on any accessory you might be missing.
Yandy - 2012-04-18

What to Wear to EDC

Break out the body glitter, candy, and neon fur because the EDC is just around the corner…less than two months away to be exact. There’s still time to get your tickets and figure out how you’re going to get to the only techno and neon parade on the planet, but do you know what you’ll wear?
Sure, you could show up in your mundanes and just enjoy the brilliant lights and music, but do you really want to do that? Update your rave outfits and shop at your favorite costume and lingerie website, Yandy.com. You can even get a jump on Halloween while you’re at it. You don’t have to dress in your best raver gear, you can go as a toxic butterfly, a clown, or even a unicorn! Go with a large group and you all can dress as the Brady Bunch!
However you dress, make sure you glow.

Let us know which set you would wear

Yandy - 2012-04-30

What to Wear to Country Thunder Twin Lakes, WI

When one sees a paisley print, they tend to think psychedelic bandana, or totally tripped out 60s mini dress with bell sleeves.
Why not think more in terms of a teeny tiny micro bikini with cut off shorts a cowboy hat and boots! Or how about a sexy little summer dress? These are just some things you can wear to Country Thunder this year. Not going to Twin Lakes, WI in July? You can still rock paisley this summer with any number of our sexy little dresses and our babydolls from Yandy.com. We even have a dainty paisley corset for under $50.
Yandy - 2015-06-01

Embrace The Sleek Splendor of Bodysuit Perfection

Closet doors open and the grudge of “I have nothing to wear!” morning routine begins. Bursting at the seams or neatly organized, we all know the feeling of your once inspiring wardrobe falling into flat misery. While you were busy pondering over another maxi skirt or plunging into a risky jumpsuit, the fashion world has unanimously embraced the bodysuit

The initial reaction to bodysuits may bring back unpleasant flashbacks to Baywatch, but trust us, bodysuits will take your look to the next level. This under the radar trend has slowly gained traction as a wardrobe staple. With an undeniably sleek look, it’s clear to see why bodysuits have become the unofficial clothing must-have in Hollywood. Some of Hollywood’s most famous women, from Kim Kardashian to fashion icon Rihanna, have recently utilized bodysuits to show off their curves

Here are some inspiring ways to bust-up your usual #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and why you must embrace the sleek splendor of bodysuit perfection. 

Flattering Sleek Lines

Finally a trend that does EVERY body good. Not only are bodysuits extremely versatile, but they also have a slimming effect every women can benefit from. With figure flattering geometric patterns you’ll have a “Feeling Myself” Beyonce moment. 

Endless Versatility 

Bodysuits come in an array of different prints and styles that offer endless versatility. A soft colored cotton bodysuit can effortlessly morph a pair if faded jeans to an office look by simply layering a blazer. This layering essential will prove it’s worth with every wardrobe reinvention. 

Consider This a Coming Out Party for Your Body

Time to kick all of those over-sized tees to the curb. It was nice while it lasted, but they’ve over stayed their welcome. Bodysuits invite you to stop hiding behind baggy clothing and celebrate a sudden exercise in elegance. 

Uninhibited Movement

Nothing is more annoying than the sit, readjust, stand, readjust madness. Bodysuits stay perfectly in place all day. You’ll look fresh and put together from running daily errands to picking kids up from school and never worry about showing too much. 

Pull Off the Impossible 

Thanks to mega celeb's sexy side boob posts on Instagram, bodysuits are a must. They allow you to take fashion risks without the stress of a strategically placed strap falling out of place. Many of our bodysuits have daring cutouts that can only be pulled off in a bodysuit. 

 To shop all of Yandy's bodysuits and look better than, click here!

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