Yandy - 2017-04-28

Yandy Influencer I Samaria

We sat down with our newest Yandy model Samaria for a quick Q & A. Read below to find out some fun facts about our newest babe!
Yandy - 2017-04-20

Bliss-fully Aware | Customer Service FAQ - What's the difference between a chemise and a babydoll?

What is the difference between a chemise and a babydoll? We get this question all the time so don't worry if you're unsure.

While on chat support today, I had a customer, Sam, who had a question about the different styles of lingerie we carry as it was his first time purchasing lingerie for his significant other. He particularly wanted to know more about our most popular styles. I informed him that two of the most popular lingerie styles we carry are chemises and babydolls. Unsure, he wanted to know what the difference is between the two as he stated they look similar. I explained chemises and babydolls are similar and can often times be confused with one another. While both "dress" style lingerie items, a babydoll has a high waist that is loose-fitting below the bustline and flows at the bottom. A chemise, however, is a loose-fitting nightgown with a short hemline that typically doesn't have a waist and hangs straight from the shoulders. Chemises typically conform to the body a bit more. With that said, Sam was able to make his decision and placed his order.



If you ever have an issue understanding the different types of lingerie styles you can always reach out to the customer service team via email, phone or live chat. We're happy to walk you through it, just like I did for Sam!
Yandy - 2017-04-17

What's Hot | HighJinx

In honor of 4/20 (aka the Christmas of the cannabis world) we wanted to show of some of our biggest hits (hehe) for you to chill out and get lit in this Thursday!
Yandy - 2017-04-13

Yandy Influencer | @Dreamstatelive

A little over a year ago Yandy partnered with an LA based photographer and influencer who caught our attention with his stunning images on Instagram. He goes by @dreamstatelive (real identity is anonymous and we can't confirm or deny he's a super hero) and we recently caught up with him for a mini Q & A! Read below to find out more about man behind these killer photos.
Yandy - 2017-04-12

In the News | Princess Lingerie

Recently, our princess lingerie has been having a glass slipper moment in the press! With outlets including Cosmopolitan, People, Yahoo!, Bustle and so many more taking an interest, our princess sets have seeminglyreached their happily ever after. They became so wildly popular, in fact, that they sold out completely within days and are now on pre-order. Secure yours now before their gone!

Click below to view all of the recent press on our Princess Lingerie:

Yandy - 2017-04-07

Inside Yandy | Festival Wear

Over the past few years spring and summer have fallen in the shadows of a new kind of season known as "Festival Season". It's the time of year where we head towards the deserts to channel our inner gypsies, mermaids, unicorns and/or fairies. It the time to be fashionably creative and adventurous while a mix of our favorite headlining and indie artists meet to play the soundtrack of this adventure. Check out some of our favorite looks we plan on rocking this year below!
Yandy - 2017-04-06

Bliss-fully Aware | Customer Service FAQ - Do you have a catalog?

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Does Yandy have a catalog? Why not?

While placing an order for a customer, Cynthia, today she wanted a catalog sent to her. I informed her that Yandy doesn't provide catalogs and that our inventory changes daily. We don't want our customers to be disappointed if an item they found in a catalog is no longer available. We also have many specials going on everyday and we want our customers to take full advantage on what we have to offer.

That is the beauty of being an online store. Our system won't allow you to add something to your cart if we do not have it available. 

What would be worse; requesting a purchase for an item you won't receive or being able to see it isn't available instantly? 
Check out our live inventory daily at yandy.com!
Yandy - 2017-04-04

What's Hot | Yandy Spring Bras

Did you know you should replace your bras every 6-12 months? We know bra shopping can be an easy procrastination, but 'tis the season for spring cleaning, which makes for a perfect opportunity to replace and revamp your bra drawer. Lucky for you, we just launched our Yandy Spring Bra Collection and let's just say the only hassle you'll experience will be trying to narrow down what to purchase! Check out some of our favorites below!