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Exclusive Costumes

-Exclusive and only available online at These unique costumes will set you apart from the crowd.

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Men's Furry Fox Costume Men's Furry Fox Costume
Top: $68.95 Bottom: $78.95 Accy: $26.95 - $58.95
Men's Furry Wolf Costume Men's Furry Wolf Costume
Top: $68.95 Bottom: $78.95 Accy: $48.95
Black Swan Costume

Black Swan Costume
65% Off! $49.95
Sexy Angel Costume Sexy Angel Costume
65% Off! $49.95
Men's Furry Polar Bear Costume Men's Furry Polar Bear Costume
Top: $68.95 Bottom: $74.95 Accy: $26.95 - $58.95
Mermaid Costume Mermaid Costume
Galaxy Gremlin Costume

Galaxy Gremlin Costume
Top: $69.95 Bottom: $39.95 Accy: $59.95
Shark Costume Shark Costume
Exclusive Sexy Polar Bear Costume Exclusive Sexy Polar Bear Costume
Top: $98.95 Accy: $24.95 - $58.95
Yellow Costume Dress and Lorax Hood Yellow Costume Dress and Lorax Hood
None: 30% Off! $13.97 - $34.27
Beer Maiden Costume Beer Maiden Costume
60% Off! $19.98
Sexy Detective Costume Sexy Detective Costume
40% Off! $29.95
The Wrecker Costume The Wrecker Costume
Top: $13.95 Bottom: $10.95
Sexy Skunk Costume Sexy Skunk Costume
Top: $108.95 Accy: $24.95 - $48.95
Sexy Dolphin Costume Sexy Dolphin Costume
45% Off! $69.95
Sequin Clownfish Costume Sequin Clownfish Costume
25% Off! $63.16
Twerkin Halloween Costume Twerkin Halloween Costume
Top: $79.95 Bottom: $27.95 Accy: $7.95
Lynette wrote:
~ Dec 11, 2012
I am never disappointed in my purchases.
Shopper wrote:
~ Apr 23, 2013
Great website, easy to navigate, search and see/edit items in my cart. Great pictures of the clothing items in multiple colours and front/back views. Very useful.
Valerie wrote:
~ Oct 19, 2012
Great service and clothes are true to size. Nice quality for the money!
Nicole wrote:
~ Jul 23, 2012
Great service and communication. Fast shipping.
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