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Yandy Candy

- The exclusive new Yandy Candy collection features unique, brightly colored pieces inspired by some of America's favorite candy! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a little something from Yandy!

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"Hard Candy" Diamond Net Chemise "Hard Candy" Diamond Net Chemise
35% Off! $8.95
"Pixie Dips" Fishnet Chemise "Pixie Dips" Fishnet Chemise
35% Off! $8.95
"Rootin Tootin" Fishnet Chemise "Rootin Tootin" Fishnet Chemise
40% Off! $7.95
"Punchin' Pink" Mesh Chemise "Punchin' Pink" Mesh Chemise
20% Off! $9.95
Candy Peace Necklace Candy Peace Necklace
$10.95 After Coupon $9.86
Candy Heart Necklace Candy Heart Necklace
$10.95 After Coupon $9.86
Yellow Gummy Bear Earrings Yellow Gummy Bear Earrings
$7.95 After Coupon $7.16
Red Gummy Bear Earrings Red Gummy Bear Earrings
$7.95 After Coupon $7.16
Orange Gummy Bear Earrings Orange Gummy Bear Earrings
$7.95 After Coupon $7.16
Green Gummy Bear Earrings Green Gummy Bear Earrings
$7.95 After Coupon $7.16
Blue Gummy Bear Earrings Blue Gummy Bear Earrings
$7.95 After Coupon $7.16
Candy Swirl Bracelet Candy Swirl Bracelet
$4.95 After Coupon $4.46
Candy Peace Bracelet Candy Peace Bracelet
$6.95 After Coupon $6.26
"Candy Coated Cutie" Cami Set "Candy Coated Cutie" Cami Set
20% Off! $7.96
"Cotton Candy Swirl" Halter Chemise "Cotton Candy Swirl" Halter Chemise
35% Off! $7.77
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