Bewitching Costumes with Kasey Ma

Call me basic, but as a busy woman running her own business I rarely have time to think about fun holidays such as Halloween. Between writing blog posts, creating photo and video content for multiple platforms, and attending as many events as I can, it’s hard for me to sit down and plan upcoming festivities.

And this is why I decided to be a witch this year for Halloween! Thanks to Yandy, the Miss Witchcraft was the perfect last-minute costume that was sexy, classic, and super easy to put together. The costume came with everything pictured here minus the over-the-knee boots and fishnets, which you can find at any major department store. I love how everything came in a package and I didn’t have to worry about buying many other pieces to pull together the look. All I needed were the boots and fishnets, and my look was done!

I really loved the way this witch costume looked on me as it made me feel powerful and mysterious – exactly like a witch. 😊 From what I’ve seen so far on Yandy’s site, a lot of the costumes look like they can make any woman feel super sexy and ready for a Halloween night out!

And if the witch costume is not for you, I also recommend these other timeless costumes:

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my little Halloween roundup of last-minute costumes. Happy shopping and enjoy your Halloween!

Kasey Ma