Yandy - 2016-05-07

Yandy's Bohemian Lookbook

Whether you need a little extra help planning the perfect festival outfits or just want to look boho chic this summer, check out Yandy's bohemian look book for ultimate style inspiration. 
Yandy - 2016-05-07

Up To 80% Off The Hottest Lingerie Styles

Get your lingerie wardrobe ready for summer with these hot deals only at Yandy. Save up to 80% at Yandy's lingerie sale so you can shop without feeling the after effects of buyer's remorse. From babydolls to chemises, Yandy has you and your budget covered. Shop these top picks and so many more at Yandy.com.
Yandy - 2016-05-07

5 for $20 Panties

Is your current panty wardrobe outdated or needing to be spruced up? Take advantage of Yandy's 5 for $20 panty sale and rejuvenate your panty drawer affordably. Shop this sexy sale now for incredible steals that both you and your wallet will love.
Yandy - 2016-04-18

Yandy's Guide to the Perfect Bra Wardrobe

Let's face it, bra shopping can be difficult. With so many styles, fits, colors, and coverage options to choose from, the world of bras can seem intimidating to many women. With so little time in the day and so much to do, most of us don't have the energy to sit around researching various styles until we find our must-have bras. That's why Yandy decided to come up with a list of bras every woman needs in her wardrobe. Check out our guide below and you won't ever have to worry about a nonfunctional bra wardrobe again.
Yandy - 2016-04-16

Get To Know Evan Horstman: Founder and Retired COO of Yandy.Com

Meet Evan Horstman, the man who founded Yandy.com alongside his brother and current Yandy CEO, Chad Horstman. Sleepless nights, perseverance, and never missing an opportunity spiraled into an entrepreneurship success story, and created a revolution in the world of online shopping for women's lingerie and costumes.
Yandy - 2016-04-05

The Yandy Bra Collection

The wait for a fashionable, affordable, high-quality bra is finally over. The Yandy Bra Collection was created to satisfy all of our customers, even those with very specific style preferences. The perfect everyday bra should be able to transition from day to night seamlessly, and the Yandy Bra Collection does exactly that. With a huge variety of styles and patterns to choose from, your search for the perfect bra ends here. 
Yandy - 2016-03-14

How To Wear Backless Dresses

A bold and classy way to show off some skin without being too revealing is by wearing a backless dress. These dresses are usually conservative in the front but show enough skin the back to still be ultra-sexy. Although the concept of the dress is simple yet elegant, it can be challenging to find the right amount of support for your bust without your bra band showing. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks so you can rock this outfit flawlessly.
Yandy - 2016-03-13

How To Pack For A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Planning a weekend getaway with that special someone? One of the most important steps is to make sure you don't forget to pack the essentials. Vacation clothes are meant to be flirty, fun, and romantic; especially when you're dressing to impress the man in your life. Dress to the 9s by following Yandy's essentials for the perfect sexy getaway and make this romantic vacation something you both will never forget.
Yandy - 2016-03-07

How To Measure Your Bra and Lingerie Size

When it comes to lingerie, fit is everything. Whether you are looking to figure out your perfect bra size or you are making an online lingerie purchase, it's important to get the right fit. Lingerie sizing differs from brand to brand so it's crucial that you know your measurements and use Yandy's size charts. Follow these helpful tips so that you can be sure your lingerie fits like a sexy glove.
Yandy - 2016-03-07

How To Care for Lingerie

Have you ever received a cute set of lingerie from a boyfriend or your husband, only to remove it from the dryer with damaged underwire or you realized the material already looked worn and faded? Avoid both of these issues and any other washing machine horror stories with these helpful lingerie care tips.
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