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Honey Boo Boo Costume
You better redneckognize! This Halloween, drink some go-go juice and dress up as everyone's favorite pint-size pageant star, Honey Boo Boo Child. Just when you think you've seen it all, Yandy's newest costume, the Little Miss Supreme Beauty Pageant costume complete with extra fluffy, pink tulle puff sleeve, beauty pageant sash and crown is the newest head turner to hit the Halloween costume market. Honey Boo Boo-fy your pageant princess costume with a bottle of her signature go-go juice, a toy pig named Glitzy and a few key phrases like, "A dolla makes me holla!" and you're sure to be the cutest redneck at the party, or something like that...
Identity Festival
Who’s going to Identity Festival?? I know I want to. I just found out that Kerli will be in Phoenix in a month, and I’ve been a fan since when she first hit the scene with her Bubble Goth and her unique sound in 2008. The line up for ID Fest includes Eric Prydz, Excision, Paul van Dyk, Harwell Bingo Players, Showtek, Noisia, Doctor P Arty, Le Castle Vania, Eva Simons, The Eye, Audrey Napoleon, Stephen Jacobs, and Cole Plante. Why not compliment such great music with neon and fur from Yandy.com. With the ticket prices for ID Fest ranging from $40 to $60; that leaves plenty of funds to make the perfect outfit for the traveling electronic music festival.
San Diego Comic Con 2012
One of the most common costumes at a comic con is Star Wars. Whether it’s a Samurai Darth Vader or a Boba Fett in a suit. Jessica Roy showed up Thursday night at the kick off representing Yandy in our exclusive Sci-Fi Furry Costume. This costume by J. Valentine is a perfectly adorable adaptation of everyone’s favorite co-pilot.
Not a fan of the furball from space, try our corseted White Soldier exclusive and decide which side you fight for. Maybe white isn’t your color, or you’re feeling the pull of the dark side; no worries, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive Sci-Fi Commander Costume with sexy wet look and full length cape you’re sure to command attention in the midst of universal domination.
Costume Lingerie
Halloween is still 3 months away, but don’t let that stop you from playing dress up. Whether you’re feeling like a fairytale fantasy or a working stiff, Yandy has you covered with a huge selection of lingerie costumes to suit any mood, not to mention most are on sale so you can get a few without even breaking the bank.
Top 3 Sellers
Here we have our top 3 sellers; the Leopard Mini Dress with Lace Skirt, Charmeuse Babydoll and Matching Robe, and our Sheer Garter Dress.
Our #3 top seller is The Sheer Garter Dress, superbly priced at $14.95 and comes in 3 luscious colors; red, black, and white. This dress has soft lace trim and attached stockings
Now it's easy to see why the Charmeuse Babydoll with Matching Robe is our #2 best seller. It's lightweight and oh so comfortable, also it comes in seven ravishing colors; black, blue, pink, purple, red, white, and fuchsia. This lovely piece is priced at $19.95 and would make a perfect gift for a bride-to-be, expectant mother, or just because.
And now for our #1 top seller, the ferocious Leopard Mini Dress with Lace Skirt. This sexy mini lingerie dress is perfect for that wild side. Low cut in the front to give that tantalizing peek at your upper torso nestled between sexy strips of leopard print. This stunning little dress is outrageously priced at $11.95.
Neon Dress and Thong Set Monthly Special
Check out this uber cute mini tube dress. Comes in both black and neon pink with neon trim and stripes in the back to add the right amount of cheekiness. It's a one size fits most, so it's sure to show off your most sexy curves. This lovely little dress is set at a low $27.95.
Whether you're at a club dancing, this sexy little number is sure to get you the attention you deserve.
Neon not exactly your thing? Try our Weekly Special, the Stretch Lace Sleepwear Bra Top and matching Strappy Short.
This sexy set comes in three tempting colors; black, fuchsia, and red. The pretty little lace number is peacefully priced at $19.95.
EDC Las Vegas 2012
It's time to close your glitter-filled eyes and return to the drab world we call reality. That's right, Sarah and Jessica have returned from their weekend of neon lights, fur, and bases dropping at the Electric Daisy Carnival. I myself was unable to attend, but I am thankful and so pleased to be able to get firsthand accounts from these two beautiful ladies.
Jessica's exuberant telling of her experience
The trip to EDC was consistently busy and non stop fun. Although there were many highlights and unforgettable experiences I will select a few key points. 
Attending an event such as EDC for the first time and having the opportunity to visualize the effect that EDM music has upon multiple generations, and especially how it has evolved through time was one astonishing recognition. Attendees to the rave gathered together as one large family whether we actually knew one another personally or not. Great vibes, feeling the energy of the music and having the chance to express such effervescence is a state of being that almost can't be described. 
I also had the ability to see some of my favorite headlining djs and groups such as; Steve Aoki, AfroJack, Kaskade, BassNectar, Adventure Club, and Calvin Harris who all put on absolutely amazing sets and had everyone in their crowd pumped and raging. Providing us as an audience with consistent entertainment, new EP tracks, and the sentiment to keep our hearts surging. 
From a stand point to YANDY and my involvement with networking and marketing the brand to others wasn't difficult to consult. People are open minded in situations such as this, and as a person distributing incentives such as pasties and fuzzie bracelets, which by the way everyone LOVED was looked at as an act of generosity rather than loiterin
g. In doing this, and having the ability to actively approach people who are willing to listen and interact allowed me to get to know the various different types of people who are attending raves like this. Despite whether a person was a representative of the NuRave era or aged back to an Original Club Kid everyone was in positive spirit, sharing love, excepting one another, and exuding the music. 
As a representative of YANDY, the most fun I had was having an excuse to intermingle with everyone, spread the word about the company to those who were unaware and relate to so many who wore Yandy.com merchandise or recognized the company image. Many people already knew of us and were excited to have the ability to shop with us more and utilize a promo code and it definitely showed in their affectionate reactions and thanks. 
The overall highlight of this trip to EDC was really the eye opening concept that so many different types of people, may it be culturally or socially, can band together and make a great time out of a situation like this. There were no cliques, I didn't come across one group who wasn't completely accepting of me, and who also didn't walk away as a new member of my rapidly growing P.L.U.R family ^.^
Here we have a fantastic cacophony of neon, fur, and wigs, all of which can be found at Yandy.com. These lovelies do include our very own Sarah sporting our Plush Cupcake Dress and Jessica in the Ravewear Cheetah Setcarrying the Blue Monster Backpack.
Kali Girlz Swimwear
20% off Kali Girlz swimwear
Independence Day
Independence Day is coming up, if you’re like most Americans, you’ll wind up at pool party with friends and family, swimming and grilling. Then you’ll all watch the sun go down and “Oooo and Ahhh” at the fireworks.
Why not be your own fanciful display of independence and fireworks this year in any of our light up rave wear sets. That’s right, I said it, rave wear isn’t just for the clubs or massive outdoor raves anymore. Mix and match any of our gloriously colored light up rave wear items and put on your own fireworks display all while showing your pride.
Not feeling the raver vibe, try any one of our sexy Jamaican Style Bikinis, on sale now through June 10th.
Maybe you just wanna go chill and super cute in red, white, and blue. We have tons of cute bikinis for you to choose from like the Low Rise Skirted Bikini Set. Try the Beachcomber Bikini with the hint of a skirted bottom and seahorse pattern it's sure to draw attention.
Boot Covers

I personally am in love with the neon fuzzy boot cover combined with the raver and industrial goth look, then again I do happen to be all gas masks and glitter on the inside. I think they add a softer more friendly feel to the harder edge of Cyber/Industrial Goth, and just make the raver look more like a magical collision of My Little Pony and the Vegas strip.

You don't have to be a part of a massive subculture or a celebrity to rock these adorable pieces of fashion. You could be a Ski Bunny, and make your winter outfits that much cuter and channel your inner fluffy Abominable Snowman.
Fuzzies, fuzzy boot cover, fuzzy legwarmers, furry boot covers, whatever the term you use Yandy has you covered! We already have a large selection of super affordable fuzzy boot covers, and it's growing every day.
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