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New! Club Yandy - Monthly Lingerie Club


Do you love Yandy?  Do you love a great deal?  Do you love FREE SHIPPING?  Then you have to check out Yandy.com's newest brainchild: Club Yandy.  Club Yandy is a monthly subscription lingerie club that offers Yandy.com shoppers the ultimate VIP experience.  Club Yandy costs only $13.95 a month and with that subscribers will receive a lingerie item, valued between $20-$40, free shipping on all orders, free return shipping, a VIP priority customer service line and personal shopper!

Want to learn more?  Check out these FAQ's and click here to sign up now!
1. How much does Club Yandy cost?
Club Yandy is $13.95/month, billed the date that your lingerie ships.
2. Does the price of the Yandy.com Lingerie of the Month Club include the cost shipping?
Yes! The $13.95/month includes the price of shipping.
3. When does my Club Yandy monthly lingerie package ship each month?
With Club Yandy, you choose the date when you want your monthly lingerie to ship.
4. Can I review the Club Yandy monthly lingerie set before it ships?
Before your item ships, we will send you an email allowing you to review the item and change the suggested size. If you do not want the item, you can cancel your Club Yandy membership at that time. Once the item ships your membership will be renewed.
5. When am I charged each month?
Your Club Yandy membership will charge each month when the lingerie ships.
6. What if I don't like the Club Yandy monthly lingerie that is chosen for me?
Since members have the ability to preview the monthly Club Yandy lingerie piece, the item can only be exchanged for a different size if it does not fit correctly.
7. What if the Club Yandy monthly lingerie doesn't fit?
When you join Club Yandy, we will ask for your measurements in an attempt to send you lingerie that will fit you properly. We will also send you an email when your shipment is being processed where you can review the item and change the size as needed. That being said, if at any time your item doesn't fit, just send it back by printing and return label and we will exchange it for the same item in your size.
8. Is there a commitment length for the Club Yandy?
No, members can cancel at any time between deliveries. Once membership is canceled, Club Yandy members will have through the end of the billing cycle to take advantage of their membership benefits. Once the next billing cycle occurs, all benefits will cease.
9. How does the Free Shipping on Every Order work?
All Club Yandy members get free Flat Rate Shipping on all orders regardless of size.
10. How does the Free Returns on Every Order work?
All Club Yandy members will be able to print prepaid return labels from the account page. You must have access to a printer. All return rules still apply, so please review our return policy before submitting a return. http://www.yandy.com/Return-Policy
11. How does the VIP Priority Customer Service and Personal Shopper for Club Yandy members work?
Club Yandy members get access to a special telephone number that they can use to contact one of our dedicated customer service representatives or personal shoppers. These personal shoppers can help Club Yandy members find new products and recommend new styles.
12. What if the monthly lingerie doesn't fit?
When you join Club Yandy, we will ask for your measurements in an attempt to send you lingerie that will fit you properly. We will also send you an email when your shipment is being processed where you can review the item and change the size as needed. That being said, if at any time your item doesn't fit, just send it back by obtaining your Return Authorization online, printing your complementary return label and we will exchange it for the same item in your size.
13. Is Club Yandy available for customers outside the continental United States?
Currently Club Yandy is only available for customers in the continental United States.
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Deck Out for The Big Game

No matter what team you are supporting for the Big Game on Sunday make sure you show your team spirit in style with a little help from Yandy.com!  With hundreds of amazing accessories, including everything from lip kits to eyelashes to wigs, Yandy has you covered.  Need some ideas?!  No problem!  We're here to help:
Find items that show your team spirit!
Shop all of Yandy.com's seemingly endless array of accessories here: www.yandy.com/costume-accessories.php
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Yandy Girl!

Do you want to be a Yandy Girl?!  I mean, who doesn't?  With the new Yandy Girl bumper sticker, everyone can show their support for their favorite lingerie and costume shop.
Yandy provides these fun and sassy bumper stickers with every order.  For customers who put the Yandy Girl bumper sticker on their cars, take a picture and post it to Facebook, Yandy will send them a $10 gift card, good toward the purchase of more sexy Yandy goodies!
Be part of the Yandy Girl nation and shop today!
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Liz Katz Copsplay Pictures

"Green Adventurer Costume"
Recently, Yandy.com reached out to sexy cosplayer, Liz Katz, to partner up on some fun photo shoots.  The ever-impressive Liz Katz came up with some eye-popping cosplay style photos (and even a couple of videos!) all featuring Yandy.com exclusive cosplay inspired costumes.  Check them out and let us know what you think!  Liz used the Yandy exclusive Green Adventurer costume, Sexy Sci Fi Furry costume, Exclusive Sexy Rabbit costume and the Exclusive Miss Jessica Gown costume. Shop all of Yandy.com's cosplay costumes now - www.yandy.com/Cosplay-Costumes.php
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"Breastaurants" Flock To Yandy For Sexy Bartender Outfits and Costumes

"Breastuarants" like Hooters and Tilted Kilt aren't a new concept in America and neither are the scantly clad outfits the bountiful waitresses and bartenders sport. Although the sexy staff usually has a set uniform, these "bresaturants" will occasionally feature theme nights during which the staff dresses up according to whatever theme the restaurant chooses in order to entice more and more warm blooded customers. That's where Yandy.com comes in. With nearly 3,000 sexy costumes in stock and ready to ship at any given time, Yandy.com is the logical place for establishments like these to turn to when searching for the perfect look for their upcoming theme night.
Not only that, but Yandy's prices are so affordable, "breastaurants" are finding these theme nights to be more and more lucrative!
Popular themes for these "breastaurants" seem to be:
Military Night - army costumes, navy costumes
Public Safety Night - firefighter costumes, police costumes
Back to School Night - sexy schoolgirl costumes
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What to Wear to EDC 2013 - New Rave Gear Arrives at Yandy!

Yandy.com is gearing up for EDC 2013 by adding plenty of new rave wear items to the already expansive collection of rave wear clothing available on the site. Popular costume and dancewear designer, Roma, has gotten in on the action this year offering a huge new collection geared to the rave scene shoppers. Complete with rompers, halter top and booty short sets, furry legwarmers and tons of neon, the new collection of rave gear is sure to keep the party going well in to 2013. What are you planning on wearing to EDC this year?
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Honey Boo Boo Costume

Honey Boo Boo Child Costume!
You better redneckognize! This Halloween, drink some go-go juice and dress up as everyone's favorite pint-size pageant star, Honey Boo Boo Child. Just when you think you've seen it all, Yandy's newest costume, the Little Miss Supreme Beauty Pageant costume complete with extra fluffy, pink tulle puff sleeve, beauty pageant sash and crown is the newest head turner to hit the Halloween costume market. Honey Boo Boo-fy your pageant princess costume with a bottle of her signature go-go juice, a toy pig named Glitzy and a few key phrases like, "A dolla makes me holla!" and you're sure to be the cutest redneck at the party, or something like that...
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Identity Festival

Who’s going to Identity Festival?? I know I want to. I just found out that Kerli will be in Phoenix in a month, and I’ve been a fan since when she first hit the scene with her Bubble Goth and her unique sound in 2008. The line up for ID Fest includes Eric Prydz, Excision, Paul van Dyk, Harwell Bingo Players, Showtek, Noisia, Doctor P Arty, Le Castle Vania, Eva Simons, The Eye, Audrey Napoleon, Stephen Jacobs, and Cole Plante. Why not compliment such great music with neon and fur from Yandy.com. With the ticket prices for ID Fest ranging from $40 to $60; that leaves plenty of funds to make the perfect outfit for the traveling electronic music festival.
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San Diego Comic Con 2012

sci fi furry, j valentine, chewie
One of the most common costumes at a comic con is Star Wars. Whether it’s a Samurai Darth Vader or a Boba Fett in a suit. Jessica Roy showed up Thursday night at the kick off representing Yandy in our exclusive Sci-Fi Furry Costume. This costume by J. Valentine is a perfectly adorable adaptation of everyone’s favorite co-pilot.
Not a fan of the furball from space, try our corseted White Soldier exclusive and decide which side you fight for. Maybe white isn’t your color, or you’re feeling the pull of the dark side; no worries, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive Sci-Fi Commander Costume with sexy wet look and full length cape you’re sure to command attention in the midst of universal domination.
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Costume Lingerie

Halloween is still 3 months away, but don’t let that stop you from playing dress up. Whether you’re feeling like a fairytale fantasy or a working stiff, Yandy has you covered with a huge selection of lingerie costumes to suit any mood, not to mention most are on sale so you can get a few without even breaking the bank.
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