Yandy - March 14, 2011

New Multi-Way Bras At Yandy.com!

Ahhhh... Spring is in the air and that means it's time to break out those sassy sundresses and sexy sleeveless tops that have been in hibernation all winter long.  Alongside the more revealing attire that this most rejuvenating of seasons brings is one of the biggest fashion faux paus around: unruly bra straps.  Ladies, this look is never good; and when we say never, we mean NEVER.  Even the poshest of celebs can't pull this look off... Okay, maybe not the poshest of celebrities, but you get the point.  Avoid being lumped into the same group as Ms. Spears (sorry Brit fans!) and let Yandy.com, purveyar of all things sexy for standard and plus size women, offer some help.  With all of the options out there, there is no excuse to commit such a fashion indecency.  Check out these new multi-way bras Yandy is so smartly now carrying. With more than fifteen different colors and styles in multiple sizing options available at Yandy, we leave you with no excuse!  These bras allow your look to be as versatile as your mood with every-which-way straps to hide discreetly under any garment; halter top, tube top, one sleeve, you name it!  Yandy may specialize in sexy lingerie, but there is, after all, a time and place for everything! And don't forget about Yandy's large selection of swim suits for all of your Spring Break needs!