Yandy - February 18, 2009

Lingerie Posing

As described in our previous post about the sometimes difficult life of a model, lingerie posing is a critical, but difficult to learn skill that is necessary for any and all potential newcomers to lingerie modeling. Although true with all forms of modeling, the incorrect pose in a lingerie shoot could lead to disastrous shots that leave the viewer wincing instead of wanting more. Due to the inherently skimpy nature of lingerie coupled with the sometimes sheer fabric, a lingerie mode most be able to pose her body just right in order to make the items look attractive and classy instead of just trashy. Here are some great example of classic poses by some of the top models in the businesses that should be required reading for all new recruits to the lingerie model academy. A classic pose that shows makes both the model and the product look classy. Another good example of a timeless pose that never goes out of style. This pose makes the sometimes difficult task of modeling a topless item look both natural and sophisticated. Another good way to model topless pieces is the one arm cover. This pose is fun and playful and shows off the item beautifully. Taking a great back shot can be a challenge, but this is a good example of how the right pose can really make the clothing look beautiful. So you are probably wondering since these are the good poses, what are the bad ones? Here are a couple of dubious examples that you shouldn't try and emulate. I don't know if she is modeling the lingerie or Right Guard. There is absolutely nothing sexy about this... This poor beautiful model looks like she is about to pass out and drown in that pool. This is a great example of a decent posed ruined by just one bad mistake. Did she just get off a horse? So there you have it. The dos and don'ts of lingerie posing. And remember, you can find all of these beautiful items online at Yandy.com.