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Being a lingerie model might be the dream job of many, but although it has its many glamourous perks, it can be as challenging as it is rewarding. For one, it is obvious that all models in general, but especially lingerie models, need to be in fantastic shape in order to be successful. Photoshop can help, but natural beauty and body confidence is a necessity when one wants to model tiny, sheer outfits. Unlike runway models, lingerie models can't just be skinny, they need to have some curves in order to fill out the pieces. Maintaing a toned, but curvy body is a very difficult task when considering that the top models rarely have a schedule that can accommodate a strict diet and exercise routine.
When people think of modeling, they think that it is just posing, taking a couple pictures and picking up a check. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Learning to pose in an art form in and of itself, and taking good direction from a photographer or an art director is a talent that can not be learned overnight. Just because you have a pretty face and a good body doesn't mean that you take photographs well. If you do make it onto the set, most photo-shoots start early in the morning, and can take upwards to 14 hours on set to complete. When not waiting on the sidelines, expect to be sweating under the many hot lights that necessitate a good photo. And as for that fat check, only the top models receive top compensation, with entry level shoots only earning a couple hundred dollars. Couple that with the fact that a typical career only lasts five to ten years, and only the top few really succeed in the business.
That is not to say that it can not be a glamourous lifestyle. Top models get to travel the world, meet famous and interesting people, and make a great living doing what they love to do. We at are always looking for new and upcoming talent to work with, as we shoot many of our photographs in house. If you think you are ready to work, and have what it takes, drop us a line. Who knows, maybe you could be like these beautiful and successful models...
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