Yandy - June 7, 2012

Independence Day

Independence Day is coming up, if you’re like most Americans, you’ll wind up at pool party with friends and family, swimming and grilling. Then you’ll all watch the sun go down and “Oooo and Ahhh” at the fireworks. Why not be your own fanciful display of independence and fireworks this year in any of our light up rave wear sets. That’s right, I said it, rave wear isn’t just for the clubs or massive outdoor raves anymore. Mix and match any of our gloriously colored light up rave wear items and put on your own fireworks display all while showing your pride. Not feeling the raver vibe, try any one of our sexy Jamaican Style Bikinis, on sale now through June 10th. Maybe you just wanna go chill and super cute in red, white, and blue. We have tons of cute bikinis for you to choose from like the Low Rise Skirted Bikini Set. Try the Beachcomber Bikini with the hint of a skirted bottom and seahorse pattern it's sure to draw attention.