Yandy - July 16, 2012

Identity Festival

Who’s going to Identity Festival?? I know I want to. I just found out that Kerli will be in Phoenix in a month, and I’ve been a fan since when she first hit the scene with her Bubble Goth and her unique sound in 2008. The line up for ID Fest includes Eric Prydz, Excision, Paul van Dyk, Harwell Bingo Players, Showtek, Noisia, Doctor P Arty, Le Castle Vania, Eva Simons, The Eye, Audrey Napoleon, Stephen Jacobs, and Cole Plante. Why not compliment such great music with neon and fur from Yandy.com. With the ticket prices for ID Fest ranging from $40 to $60; that leaves plenty of funds to make the perfect outfit for the traveling electronic music festival.