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February 18, 2009 2:49 PM

I know what your thinking, isn't this a bit of a redundant title of a blog post? All lingerie is inherently adult lingerie right? Well although you may be technically correct, the type of lingerie that we refer to as "adult lingerie" is in fact different then your typical lingerie. In order to clear things up, why don't we delve in to what makes adult lingerie unique...and extra sexy.

Most traditional lingerie is designed to make the woman wearing it look sexy, while revealing just enough to tease the viewer into wondering what is underneath. It accentuates the natural beauty of a woman, with just enough covered to leave the imagination spinning with desire. Here a couple classic examples of traditional lingerie.

So what then, pray tell, makes adult lingerie so Well, instead of letting the imagination deduce what is under the sometimes sheer fabric, adult lingerie takes the other route and instead compliments the natural, naked body of the woman wearing it. These are not typical cammys, teddys and babydolls. They are something more exotic, rare, and erotic. Something with a truly adult twist. Here are some examples.

As you can clearly see, the differences are not exactly sublte.

But no matter what type of lingerie you are interested in, be it more traditional, classic pieces, or adult and erotic pieces, is the best place for all connoisseurs of beauty.

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